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Why I Support the Engineering Annual Fund

As the Pratt School of Engineering school grows, the Engineering Annual Fund’s importance grows with it

The strength of the Annual Fund fuels that growth—and each gift, no matter the size, makes an impact.


Janis J. Rehleander“I have been proud to support the Annual Fund every year because I have seen firsthand that it is critically important to Pratt. Those unrestricted dollars allow the dean to direct funds to support strategic priorities as well as create new programs, such as the new First-Year Design Course and Grand Challenge Scholars Program. Both have been extremely successful and greatly enhanced the student experience. Pratt has developed a reputation among students, faculty and peers for being receptive to new ideas, encouraging collaboration with other Duke departments, and being nimble in responding to advances in technology and education. The Annual Fund allows Pratt to lead the way in this kind of innovative engineering education.”

Janis J. Rehlaender E'77, P'07, P'10, P'12

Stephanie Gloster

"I give to the Engineering Annual Fund to help students who may not have the financial means to attend Duke. I want them to have the same opportunity that I had to live out my dreams of attending Duke and graduating with a degree in biomedical engineering. Since becoming an alumna, I have enjoyed interacting with current students and helping them to navigate the different areas that they can take their career. I have had a non-traditional career path in that I went into technology consulting instead of being a practicing engineer. Because of this, I am able to share the story of my career with them and show that there are alternative career paths."

Stephanie Gloster BSE'96

Stephanie Gloster“My own feeling is that unrestricted, current-use giving is the most impactful form of support that I can provide to Pratt. Those dollars have an immediate impact on the university, and even more importantly, they give our team on the field the ability to prioritize what's most important to their mission in the current moment. I personally don't have the context, nor the expertise, to make those capital allocations, so I prefer to save a meaningful portion of my Duke giving for the Annual Fund.”

Michael J. Bingle E'94

Ram Jagannath

“I have chosen to support the Engineering Annual Fund because of how important my Duke education and undergraduate experience remain to me today. After participating in my 20th Duke reunion as a co-chair last year, I was reminded of how fortunate I was to attend Duke, and how much it shaped me as a person. Reconnecting with my friends and classmates was not only incredibly fun, it was also truly inspiring; so many of them are world-class professionals and leaders in their chosen fields.  Returning to campus after nearly a decade also proved quite powerful, as the University has continued to grow and expand the already amazing Gothic wonderland!  In addition to my gratitude for the foundational life experience Duke provided me, I'm also thrilled and inspired by Dean Bellamkonda's leadership of the engineering school.  His focus on training engineering undergrads to be dynamic leaders in our increasingly multidisciplinary world has really resonated with me and my own career journey.  My appreciation for Duke grows stronger each year, as does my desire to both contribute toward and participate in its continued growth and success."

Ram Jagannath BSE'98

Nan Jokerst“I’ve supported the Pratt Annual Fund for over 15 yearssince I joined the faculty at Dukebecause I believe in the vision and the on-the-ground innovation and excellence that Pratt offers to our students, faculty, and staff. We are truly a community, and communities need financial support to achieve and to thrive. So it may seem a bit circular, but I vote my wallet, and my vote goes to Pratt. And I vote with my heart as my son graduated from Pratt this May!”

Nan M. Jokerst P'19
J.A. Jones Professor of Electrical & Computer ENgineering

Gregory J. Alcorn

“It’s been amazing to see and follow the progress at Duke Engineering over the years. It’s hard to say which part of my Duke experience has been the most importantthe learning, the challenge, the peoplethey’ve all been so formative in my life. It’s been a privilege to stay connected as Pratt has evolved from ‘Old Red’ to the amazing facilities, faculty and resources we enjoy today as a world-class engineering institution!”

Gregory J. Alcorn E'88

Jessica Foley“I give to the Engineering Annual Fund to support research opportunities for students. My own experience as a Pratt Undergraduate Fellow helped spark my interest in biomedical engineering research and started me on a path toward my current career. I want to help current and future students explore and develop their passion for biomedical research that can truly make an impact in people's lives.”

Jessica L. Foley E'01