Undergraduate Student Resources

Duke Engineering Is First and Foremost a Community

Engineering school is kind of like riding a horse. If you’re comfortable the whole time you’re doing it, you’re probably doing it wrong.

Our engineering school community values its members. We look out for each other. The programs and resources we provide to our undergraduates are important parts of that commitment. It’s our mission to give you the reins, and to help you get back in the saddle if you fall.

Undergraduates and graduate students head to class and socialize with friends during FDOC (First Day of Classes) on Duke’s West Campus.

Undergrad Policies & Procedures

Support for the Whole Person

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From Your Advising Team

Your 360 coach, academic dean and departmental advisor are there to help you identify and pursue your academic interests and personal goals. Through targeted referrals, these trained experts open doors to a broad array of resources across Duke.

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From Every Part of Duke

Duke Student Affairs keeps a constantly updated list of student resources, from maintaining health and wellness to connecting with a diverse range of identities and cultures.

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From Our Global Community of Alumni

With just a click, you can send a question to nearly 15,000 Duke Engineering graduates, each one somebody who once sat where you’re sitting. Give the ‘Ask a Blue Devil’ portal a try.

Filling the Gaps in Financial Aid

Thanks to the generosity of members of the Duke Engineering Community, no eligible undergraduate has to miss an educational opportunity just because of a cost not covered by financial aid.

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Maclin Endowment Fund

Created through the generosity of Valecia Maclin, Class of 1992, the Maclin Endowment Fund provides grants that make a difference for eligible students—from computer repair to educational travel.

WIN Empowerment Fund

Students can apply to the WIN Empowerment Fund for grants to cover opportunity-broadening expenses such as graduate exam fees and conference attendance.

Undergraduate Advising Deans

Ben Cooke, Ph.D. Profile Photo
Ben Cooke, Ph.D. Profile Photo

Ben Cooke, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean for Advising

Carmen Rawls, Ph.D. Profile Photo
Carmen Rawls, Ph.D. Profile Photo

Carmen Rawls, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean for Advising & Outreach

Lupita Temiquel-McMillian Profile Photo
Lupita Temiquel-McMillian Profile Photo

Lupita Temiquel-McMillian

Assistant Dean for Advising & Student Affairs