PhD Student Outcomes

Launch into a High-Impact Career

Let’s be frank—the hardest part of earning a PhD just might be figuring out what to do with it. We know more than 70 percent of our incoming PhD students each year aren’t sure. More than job listings, it’s about your sense of purpose.

At Duke, we’re with you on that journey of discernment, and we provide supportive tools and experiences to light all career paths. Through 1:1 job coaching and a unique three-year career exploration program we call PhD Plus, our graduates calibrate their personal compass.

Whether it points them toward tech startups or standard bearers, academic appointments, or less traditional paths like law or politics, our graduates launch into careers that mean something to the world—and to themselves.

Success in Numbers

Most of our PhD graduates go on to make important contributions in leading businesses or the public sector. A significant portion study medicine and law or seek post-doctoral fellowships. Take a deep dive into Duke’s data.


work in industry or for governments and nonprofits


continue at the university level in faculty or administrative roles


go on to professional training, including medical school, law school and post-doctoral fellowships

Research Support for Your Doctoral Journey

The Duke Libraries offer dedicated support for doctoral students in engineering and science. Our specialist in these fields is here to guide you through the complexities of research, from accessing advanced resources to navigating the latest tools. Lean on their expertise to enhance your research journey at Duke.

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