Life at Duke

In A Few Words, Life Is Good.

A spectacular vista greets every visitor to Duke’s campus–the long, verdant stretch of Chapel Drive topped by the elegant spire of Duke Chapel. The wordless message communicated is clear: great things happen here.

Embracing the Whole Person

The Pratt School of Engineering is a highly ranked engineering school in a top 10 research university with a strong liberal arts tradition. That’s a rare and powerful mix. 

Our engineering students dance, sing, play varsity football and basketball, and work toward social good. Duke’s campus environment supports and nourishes the mind, body and soul.  

It is a beautiful place to learn, teach and work. Here, you’ll find resources to support you, clubs and organizations to inspire you, and teams to cheer to victory.

Go Blue Devils!

More than a mascot, the Blue Devil personifies the university’s spirit. A century ago, Duke students were Inspired by courageous (and stylish) French mountain troopers nicknamed les Diables Bleus. Today, the identity of the student inside the suit is a well-guarded secret.

You’re Gonna Like It Here

There’s more to life than textbooks and lab experiments, and you can find the activities and life experiences that suit your own personal style right here. From mountains and beaches to ballparks and award-winning chefs, explore our vibrant hometown of Durham and the growing Research Triangle region. Join a student group or start your own. Access resources to help you stay healthy, focused and engaged.