WIN Empowerment Fund

A Little Help From Our Friends

Even the best laid plans run into roadblocks. As engineers, we identify obstacles and help remove them. Through the generosity of the Pratt School of Engineering group within the Duke Women’s Impact Network (WIN), this fund ensures that no talented student misses a career opportunity because of an unexpected expense not covered by financial aid.

Making Meaningful Impacts

When the cost of a plane ticket stands between a promising student and a chance to tout their research at a conference, the WIN fund is there to pay the fare. The same goes for exam fees that mean acceptance into a good graduate school or professional attire for that big job interview.

What the Funds Covers

Graduate School Needs

Cast a wide net. Get support for exam prep materials and application fees to graduate, professional or medical school.


Handshakes seal deals. Find funding for interviews, research conferences and qualified professional society meetings.


Appearance is important. Look the part through funding for suits and similar business dress.

Apply to the Fund

The fund is available to Duke juniors or seniors, studying engineering, who receive financial aid.

Make a Gift to the Fund

Your gift ensures that students in need won’t miss great opportunities because of unexpected costs.

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