Master’s Degrees

Flexible options, Designed for Impact

We’ve spent hundreds of hours talking to industry leaders. We’ve researched trends in our areas of strength. We’ve worked to understand what today’s master’s students need.

The result is a suite of master’s programs that are unmistakably Duke.

Accelerate your career with a degree focused on tomorrow’s needs and a student experience with built-in flexibility that can accommodate even the busiest professionals.

Choose Your Path

Duke offers three master’s degree options in engineering. Your choices don’t end there. Within your degree program there are choices for your area of focus and opportunities to earn a graduate certificate.

Master of Engineering

Depth in a future-focused tech discipline, plus business skills

Master of Science

Get ready for research leadership or a PhD

Master of Engineering Management

The tech-savvy alternative to the MBA

A New Way to Level Up

Our master’s program in game design, development and innovation pushes the boundaries of computer engineering, creating leaders who will bring meaningful change to the world through play.

Customize Your Degree

With new graduate certificate options, Duke BME’s Master of Science can be tailored to support a research career or prepare you for medical school or a PhD.

Master of Engineering Management Programs

Rise to the Challenge

Could Duke Engineering Management students design strategies—in just 25 hours—to get a global enterprise to net zero carbon by 2030?

More Options at Duke

University Program in Materials Science & Engineering

Degree options include a Master of Science

Graduate Certificates

Interdisciplinary options to focus your degree

PhD Programs

Earn your engineering doctorate at Duke

MD + Engineering Master’s

Enhance your Duke medical degree with training in engineering

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