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Headshots of a man and a woman in front of stone walls

December 01, 2021 | Duke Today

Daily and Samanez-Larkin to Lead Faculty Quadex Engagement

Lead faculty fellow appointments recognize commitment to student-faculty engagement and undergraduate intellectual exploration

Three blue squares with multicolored blobs in the middle, with mostly red/orange in the center and green/blue at the edges

November 30, 2021

High-Speed Holography of Cells Spots Physical Beacons of Disease

Measuring the variability of thickness within thousands of cells per minute spots physical signs of cancer and carcinogenic exposure

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MODA | November 18, 2021

That's Why You Think It's Beautiful

Featuring Adrian Bejan


WNCT Raleigh | November 4, 2021

Duke Researchers Use Land Differences to Improve Weather Models

Featuring Nate Chaney


New Atlas | October 28, 2021

Electrochromic material could help buildings heat up and cool down

Featuring Po-Chun Hsu

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