Input / Output (I/O) Magazine

There’s an old adage that you get out of an endeavor whatever you put in. But just as important as the inputs and outputs is the slash between them—the planning, the infrastructure, the programs, the relationships. We hope the content within this magazine helps you not only discover a little more about Duke Engineering, but also ideas and inspiration that make your own slashes a bit bigger.

2023 Input/Output Magazine cover showing pink XPRIZE suitcase

DukEngineer Magazine

Student-written annual—published since the 1940s—detailing undergraduate research, new faculty and more.

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In this issue:

  • Reviving Duke Motorsports
  • Shaping Climate Solutions
  • Kicking Off Duke’s Centennial Celebration and more

2023 DukEngineer Magazine cover with whale photo


In this issue:

  • Drone-aided research on the high seas
  • Getting Pratt-born products to market
  • Keeping student shops safe and more

2022 DukEngineer Magazine cover showing students testing water quality


In this issue:

  • A Conversation with New Duke Engineering Dean Jerome Lynch
  • The Duke Quantum Center Launches a New Era of Computing
  • Students and Faculty Alike Adapt to the “New Normal”
  • How First-Year Design Affected Its Inaugural Class and more

2022 Duke BME Magazine cover

BME Magazine

Learn more about Duke Biomedical Engineering—consistently ranked among the very top programs in the field.

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ECE Magazine

Describes the extraordinary work of faculty and students in Duke Electrical & Computer Engineering.

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