The Undergraduate Experience

You’ll Do More than Learn. You’ll Transform.

You’ve already got a spark burning inside you. You wouldn’t be reading this if that wasn’t true. Whether it’s a passion for discovery or invention or saving lives or anything else that impacts the world, Duke will help grow that spark into a blazing fire that lasts a lifetime. The transformation starts in your very first semester, when you try on the identity of an engineer with a hands-on design challenge.

Design Your Degree

Over your time at Duke, you’ll build skills, gain knowledge and grow in confidence. You’ll have transformative experiences. You could travel to Bolivia and build a bridge for a remote village. You could do meaningful research on quantum computing here in Durham, working alongside a faculty mentor.

As you interact with a network of supportive faculty and advisors to pick a major and consider a minor or a certificate program, you’ll customize a degree that fits who you are and will take you wherever your sense of purpose drives you.

Organizations and Clubs

Our student-led clubs and teams design machines that race, fly, swim and dive. (There’s a fighting robot or two in the mix as well.) They’re pushing envelopes of efficiency, performance and autonomy—and providing engineering in service to neighbors in need, here in Durham and around the world.

Your First Year

You’ll never forget that August morning when you first entered a Duke Engineering maker space. I could make anything with all these tools. But where to start? In EGR 101, or First-Year Design, you’ll join a student team to prototype a solution to a real-world problem.  

EGR 101 is just one component of an intentionally designed first-year experience that equips you with the essential design process skills you’ll use daily at Duke. And, yes, there are laser cutters and hydraulics, too. Browse first-year courses.

Research Opportunities

Hands-on experiences come in many formats through your time at Duke, including research opportunities that increase in depth and meaning over four years.

We’ll help you land that summer research experience abroad, or you can take advantage of programs that place you alongside our own world-class faculty. Two exceptional experiences that juniors and seniors can consider are the Katsouleas NAE Grand Challenges Scholars Program and Pratt Research Fellowships.

Experiences Beyond Duke

Study Abroad

More than 1-in-6 Duke Engineering students enhance their global perspective through study outside the United States. In recent years, Duke has provided curated intensive experiences that have taken engineering students to Central America and Europe. Explore study-abroad programs for engineering students.

Internships & Recruiting

We love seeing our graduates land incredible jobs at industry-leading companies. We love seeing them come back to campus to recruit the next generation of engineers even more. Our industry relations team builds and maintains relationships with leading employers in part through an uncommonly well-connected web of alumni and introduces them to students through on-campus visits and our TechConnect events. Our team will even help you develop a personal internship search plan. Learn more at the Duke Career Hub.

Amenities & Resources

Great endings start with solid beginnings. At Duke, you’ll be surrounded by 360 degrees of support from a network of people you can lean on—especially during your first year. The transition to college life is critical, and our undergraduates receive mentorship from caring faculty, staff and experienced students.

To get you started, we’ve put together this handy list of resources focused on the undergraduate experience.