Life in Durham

Where Tech Town Opportunities Meet Southern Hospitality

Duke is seamlessly interwoven into the tapestry of Durham, North Carolina, a historically vibrant community The New York Times described as “re-energized by a youth-driven renaissance.”

Around here, we’re not just passionate about basketball.  We’re equally committed to community ties, inclusivity, inventive spirit—and, of course, the quest for that perfect fried fish sandwich

Nestled in North Carolina’s verdant, ever-evolving Piedmont region, we’re just a drive away from sun-kissed Atlantic shores and the refreshing embrace of Blue Ridge mountaintops. 

With its rich history, distinctive character and thriving economy, it’s no wonder Durham is consistently ranked as one of the best places to live in the United States

Meet Durham’s icon — “Major”

Major is one ton of bronze (with at least that much in grit and resilience) sculpted by Michael Waller and Leah Foushee. Locals rub his nose for luck. Come check out Durham and see if the Bull City’s charm wins you over.

We Eat Well in the South’s Tastiest Town

In this PBS video, meet the culinary entrepreneurs who earned Durham’s titles of “Tastiest Town in the South” and “America’s Foodiest Small Town.”

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