Internships & Career Services

Prepare for Success

Your time at Duke will be an exciting, inspirational journey. But let’s face it, it’s about your destination too.

For most of our students, the big smiles they wear during commencement bloom not just because of their incredible journey. They smile because they also know in that moment exactly where that next big step is taking them. The personalized career services we provide to all our students makes those smiles possible.

Duke offers extensive resources to assist you in securing an internship and launching a meaningful career.

The Place to Start: Career Hub

Duke’s philosophy is “Career Everywhere, For Everyone.” The digital home for career development and job search is the Duke Career Hub. There, every job-seeking Duke student can find advice, information, support and community.

What You’ll Find

  • Career advisors available by appointment
  • Internship opportunities
  • Employer profiles and job listings
  • Calendar of recruiting events
  • A sub-community focused on careers in data, technology and engineering


The Duke Career Center is for you long before senior year. It’s a place where you can explore your interests and values while assessing your strengths. Armed with that self-knowledge, you can make informed decisions throughout your time at Duke.

Services Offered Include

  • 1:1 career advising
  • Drop-in advice on resumes and cover letters
  • Interviewing skills development

Master’s Students

We’ve assembled a dedicated team of experts to assist and empower our graduate students as they launch into high-impact careers. Among recent engineering master’s graduates, 66% were employed within six months of graduation and 12% were pursuing further education.

PhD Students

Duke’s Career Hub and the Career Center are where PhD students explore interests, define values, and identify strengths. Career coaches will help you use that self-knowledge to enhance decision-making.

PhD Plus Program

Most doctoral students aren’t sure what they want to do with their advanced degree when they start. Our interactive program adds to the PhD experience with engaging professional speakers from across all career options to help students decide where to apply their unique talents.

Program Features Include

  • Career exploration in three domains: Academia; Industry and Government; and Entrepreneurship, Business, Law and Consulting
  • Skills-based professional development workshops
  • Student advisory board