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Engineering Alumni Council (EAC)

Engaging engineering alumni to further the mission of Duke Engineering

A member of the council is an active observer to the Board of Visitors, ensuring that an alumni perspective is heard in all deliberations concerning Pratt’s future direction and priorities.

From the EAC President—July 1, 2020

Will SennerDear Fellow Duke Engineering Alumni,

Since writing to you last in early April, the world has certainly continued to change in dramatic ways. But what I have seen remain unchanged is the incredible resolve of the Pratt community to bring its passion and innovative engineering minds to bear for the greater good.

First and foremost, the Engineering Alumni Association and the larger Pratt Community stands firmly against the racial injustices in our society. There is much, very important work to be done in this fight and we all must play a part. I hope many of you were able to participate in the larger “United We Stand” Town Hall event recently to stand side by side with our fellow alumni in addressing violence against black lives. I also urge you to read the messages from Dean Ravi (One Duke Family and A Call for Reflection) as well some of the broader Duke resources as this is truly of critical importance. If you would like to participate with further efforts on this topic with the Engineering Alumni Council, please reach out to us.

Meanwhile, Pratt is continuing the fight against COVID-19. I hope you all have read this tremendous story about Duke’s COVID-19 Engineering Response Team. Through collaboration with Duke Engineering Entrepreneurship, the Innovation Co-Lab, and others, Duke Engineers have been working to solve pressing clinical equipment needs for the fight against COVID-19. The teams include faculty, staff and students from across Duke including alumnus and past Engineering Alumni Council (EAC) member Neal Simmons. Bravo and thanks to everyone involved.

The EAC has also had to adapt, shifting our spring meeting to be virtual. Typically this meeting would include all of the funding request presentations from the student project teams, so our student projects committee did a great job working closely with the student affairs staff to shift to video recorded presentations from the students which could be reviewed remotely by the EAC. This was a great success, ensuring the students still got to experience this presentation process and benefit from the alumni feedback.

We hope everyone enjoyed the recent virtual town hall with Dean Ravi and as we look forward, the EAC and the staff at the Dean’s office are working on additional engagement opportunities which can be delivered remotely. In the interim, one of the best things we can ask our alumni to do is simply stay connected. Our alumni-student mentoring program continues to be a great vehicle for connecting students and alumni and we encourage those of you who participated to keep those connections alive. For those who did not participate and may not want to wait until next year, please consider connecting with both students and alumni via Duke’s Network. Whether it be connecting over career advice, job opportunities or just shared interests, these interactions are particularly important in our socially distanced world. Other opportunities for alumni to engage with Pratt are listed here.

For those who are particularly curious about students’ perspective on COVID-19, I would encourage you to listen to the new Pratt podcast “This Engineering Life” which was developed jointly by students and engineering alumnus and faculty member Becky Simmons. The recent editions of the seven-episode series include some great discussions including the Virtual Experience at Pratt as well as some Senior Reflections. It's absolutely worth a listen!

On behalf of everyone on the EAC and at the Dean’s office, we can’t wait until we can connect again in person, but until then we certainly hope you will continue to engage virtually.

All the best, and Forever Duke.

Will Senner E’06, X’06
Engineering Alumni Council

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About the Council

What Council Members Do

A member of the Pratt Alumni Council is an active observer to the Pratt Board of Visitors, ensuring that an alumni perspective is heard in deliberations concerning Duke Engineering's future.

Alumni Council representation on the Duke Alumni Association insures vital Duke Engineer representation in overall university alumni affairs.

Alumni Council funding of student club projects—such as the concrete canoe, racing vehicle and electric vehicle intercollegiate teams—provides critically important hands-on design opportunities for Duke Engineering undergraduates.

The council's support of DukEngineer Magazine has been instrumental in maintaining this long-running publication for alumni and friends.

Your Alumni Council has the distinct privilege of reviewing your nominations for the important Distinguished Alumnus/a Award, Distinguished Young Alumnus/a Award and Distinguished Service Award recognition presented at our annual spring banquet.

Member Expectations

  • Attendance and active participation in all three annual EAC meetings: Meetings are typically scheduled for Fridays and Saturdays—once in the Fall, Winter, and Spring, respectively—and often coincide with football games, basketball games, or other university events. Brief conference calls and similar committee follow-up tasks commonly occur between meetings in Durham, but do not require extensive additional commitments of time. Although professional, personal, or family commitments may periodically conflict, members are expected to make a concerted effort toward attending meetings.
  • Giving: The board fully recognizes that not all alumni have the financial capacity to donate substantial sums. Instead, what is viewed as important by the EAC is the consistency by which members contribute. Each member is committed to Annual Fund giving and timely payment of EAA dues. Council leadership is expected to make a leadership level contribution. In order to ensure diversity of council leadership, an executive committee member can accumulate their gift over the length of their term(s) on the council.
  • Support the EAC and other Pratt and Duke programs including local and regional events, student projects, and annual awards banquet.
  • Serve as formal and informal representatives of the School.
  • Provide professional expertise and individual talent.
  • Provide guidance to the Pratt School of Engineering.

Student Projects Committee

The goal of the Student Projects Committee on the Engineering Alumni Council is to facilitate connections between willing alumni, corporations and others to the Duke student clubs, ensure allocated funds by the Alumni Association are used appropriately, and along with other board members, coach the teams on executive oversight expectations. Below are just a few of the great results achieved with the support of the Alumni Association.

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Awards Committee

The goal of the Awards Committee on the Engineering Alumni Council is to engage and connect alumni with Duke Engineering and each other and to celebrate their service to Duke and the world. We celebrate the service and accomplishments of engineering alumni through the Distinguished Alumni, Distinguished Young Alumni, and Distinguished Service Awards at our annual Awards Banquet.

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2020-2021 EAC Members


  • William B. Senner E’06, X’06 (Hillsborough, NC)

Vice President

  • Tracy A. Nickelsburg E’88, P’22 (Alexandria, VA)

Immediate Past President

  • William G. Gardner E’09, G’11 (Boise, ID)

Council Members

  • Benjamin J. Aitken E’02, L’06 (Chapel Hill, NC)
  • Anthony R. Baldassari X’06 (Raleigh, NC)
  • Marietta J. Costa E’85, P’17, P’24 (Dix Hills, NY)
  • Ronald J. Epstein G’96 (Chatham, NJ)
  • Rachel A. Fleming E’12, X’13 (Durham, NC)
  • Jessica L. Foley E’01 (Washington, DC)
  • Stephanie L. Gloster E’96 (Atlanta, GA)
  • Alan G. Goedde E’70 (Pasadena, CA)
  • Michael R. Gustafson II E’93, G’99 (Durham, NC)
  • John S. Ingalls, Jr. E’11, X’12 (Sunnyvale, CA)
  • Tanuj Khurana X’12 (Newport Beach, CA)
  • Brady D. Klein E’14 (Brooklyn, NY)
  • Anna E. Knight E’15, G’22 (Durham, NC)
  • Emily T. Lim E’15, G’16, G’18 (Kirkland, WA)
  • Andrew J. Longenecker E’07 (Jupiter, FL)
  • Jeffrey S. McVeigh E’92 (Portland, OR)
  • Dyuti Mahendru E’12 (Houston, TX)
  • Sanford D. Morton E’17 (Denver, CO)
  • Jennifer K. Orriss E’93 (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Preston S. Porter E’09 (Houston, TX)
  • Mark W. Pratt E’11 (Cleveland Heights, OH)
  • H. Clifton Ray III E’13 (Durham, NC)
  • Evan M. Reilly E’16 (Durham, NC)
  • J. Andrew Romes E’02, B’10 (Cary, NC)
  • Christopher R. Rowland E’09, G’13, G’15 (Durham, NC)
  • Constandi J. Shami E’13, G’14 (Ann Arbor, MI)
  • Michael L. Silver E’09 (Chicago, IL)
  • Judd W. Staples E’92, B’02 (Durham, NC)
  • Lisa F. Stilwell E’80 (Lakewood Ranch, FL)
  • Steven L. Walker E’88, P’23 (Decatur, GA)
  • Robert D. Wescott E’90 (Durham, NC)

Join the Council

If you are interested in joining the council or recommending someone, please complete the nomination form or contact Kim Davis (919-660-5385 or kim.davis@duke.edu).