Distinguished Alumni & Service Awards

Whether researchers, executives, entrepreneurs, teachers or volunteers, many members of our 17,000-plus alumni are also leaders. Each year, the Duke Alumni Council honors alumni and friends who have distinguished themselves through leadership and service to the Pratt School of Engineering, their professions and their communities.

awardees outside the Washington Duke Inn in April 2024

2024 Recipients

Dozens of leading members of our community have received these honors, which are awarded each spring.

Michael J. Bingle

Michael J. Bingle

Distinguished Alumni Award

Vice chairman of technology investment firm Silver Lake Group. He serves on the boards of Achievers, Blackhawk Networks, N-able and SoFi. Mike is also a trustee of the US Olympic & Paralympic Foundation and co-manages the Bingle Foundation.

Class of 1994

Anna Menon

Anna Wilhelm Menon

Distinguished Young Alumni Award

Crew member of the Polaris Dawn project. She worked at NASA for seven years as a biomedical flight controller for the International Space Station before joining SpaceX in 2018. Anna lives in Houston with her husband and children.

Class of 2010

Ellen Ray

Ellen M. Ray

Distinguished Service Award

Business manager for the Department of Biomedical Engineering. At the end of her first term, Ellen realized she had learned more in a few months working at the engineering school than she had in a year of business training. She agreed to stay one more term. In May 2024, she will mark 50 years of service at the Pratt School of Engineering.

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Honor Roll

Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

  • Robert W. Anderson BSCE’59
  • Charles P. Ballenger, Jr. BSCE’36
  • William M. Bartlett BSCE’54
  • Michael J. Bingle BSE’94
  • Walter J. Bishop BSCE’73
  • Shem K. Blackley, Jr. BSCE’54
  • Stephen R. Bolze BSEE’85
  • Emmett H. Bradley BSEE’49
  • Lewis Campbell BSME’68
  • Everitt A. Carter BME’40
  • Kenneth S. Chestnut, Sr. BSCE’68
  • John Cocke BSME’45, PhD’56
  • Laurie C. Conner BSE’76
  • John M. Derrick, Jr. BSEE’61
  • Gary W. Dickinson BSME’60
  • Ray B. Duggins BSME’44
  • Robert R. Everett BSEE’42
  • Fred M. Fehsenfeld, Jr. BSE’73
  • Robert E. Fischell BSME’51
  • W. Kent Fuchs BSE’77
  • Robert L. Galloway, Jr. BSE’77, PhD‘83
  • Robert A. Garda BSME’61
  • C. Gary Gerst BSME’61
  • Clair H. Gingher, Jr. BSME’43
  • James F. Girand BSEE’59
  • R. Eugene Goodson T’57, BSME’59
  • William H. Hall E’09 AM’14
  • Philip J. Hawk BSE’76
  • William A. Hawkins III BSE’76
  • Michael R. S. Hill BSE’86
  • Grant T. Hollett, Jr. BSME’64
  • Charles H. Holley BSEE’41
  • W. Kenneth Howard BSEE’35
  • John L. Imhoff BSME’45
  • Edwin L. Jones T’12
  • Edwin L. Jones, Jr. BSCE’48
  • Alan L. Kaganov BSME’60
  • John J. Karakash BSEE’37
  • Sen. Edward E. Kaufman BSME‘60
  • Clinton W. Kelly III BSEE’59
  • Theodore C. Kennedy BSCE’52
  • Kenneth T. Knight, Jr. BSE’33
  • Lawrence J. Lang BSE’86
  • Chester L. Lucas BSCE’38
  • Robert C. Marlay BSCE’69
  • Capers W. McDonald BSE’74
  • Larry K. Monteith MS’62, PhD’65
  • Billy B. Olive BSEE‘48
  • Edmund T. Pratt, Jr. BSEE’47
  • James F. Rabenhorst BSME’64
  • L. Russell Ranson T’31
  • Randolph K. Repass BSEE’66
  • Patricia K. Scheller BSE’81
  • Kenneth T. Schiciano BSE’84
  • W. Brewster Snow BSE’32
  • J. Stephen Simon BSCE’65
  • William A. Stokes BSCE’53
  • W. John Swartz BSME’56
  • David S. Taylor BSE’80
  • T. Edward Torgerson BSCE’49
  • Charles R. Vail BSEE’37
  • James W. Vaughan, Jr. BSEE’57
  • James L. Vincent BSME’61
  • Christopher R. Webster T’39
  • Arthur J. Wennerstrom BSME’56
  • Hugh E. Whitted, Jr. BSEE’39
  • Blake S. Wilson BSE’74
  • F. Thomas Wooten BSEE’57, PhD’64
  • Harold L. Yoh, Jr. BSME’58

Distinguished Young Alumni Award Recipients

  • Benjamin S. Abram BSE 2007
  • John A. Board, Jr. BSE’82, MS’82
  • Lewis C. Brewster BSE’86
  • Matthew Q. Christensen BSE’02
  • Max D. Cohen BSE’03
  • Karen E. Conover BSE’85
  • J. Michael Drozd BSE’89, PhD’97
  • Michael Feldman BSE’84
  • Jacob J. Flomenberg BSE’05
  • Russell M. Glass BSE’98
  • David J. Gregory BSE’84
  • Robert J. Greenberg BSEE’90
  • Anita J. Hill BSE’85, MS’86, Ph.D.’89
  • Lawrence D. Lenihan, Jr. BSE’87
  • Gregory R. Maletic BSE’90
  • Mia K. Markey PHD’02
  • Leslie Voorhees Means BSE’08
  • Anna Menon, MS 2010
  • Joshua M. Miller BSE 2015
  • Nicholas A. Millington BSE’98
  • Terry Myerson BSE’91
  • Ananth Natarajan BSE’90
  • Aaron T. Patzer BSE’02
  • Scott D. Olson BSE’91
  • Christophe H. Schilling BSE‘95
  • Kristine M. Singley BSE’96, B’07
  • George S. Taylor BSE’78
  • Edward L. Trimble BSE’90
  • Jeffrey N. Vinik BSE’81
  • James H. Vogeley BSE’80
  • Andrew S. Waterman BSE’08
  • James G. Whayne BSE’90
  • Harold L. Yoh III BSE’83

Distinguished Service Award Recipients

  • Donald M. Alstadt
  • Roger C. Barr T’64, G’68
  • C. Leland Bassett BSME’59
  • Sterling M. Brockwell, Jr. BSCE’56
  • Robert W. “Judge” Carr, Jr. BSE’71
  • Howard G. Clark III
  • F. Hadley Cocks
  • James H. Corrigan, Jr. BSME’47
  • Daniel M. Dickinson BSE’83
  • Earl H. Dowell
  • Ernest Elsevier
  • F. Reid Ervin BSME’42
  • Harold L. Flowers BSEE’38
  • Linda Franzoni G’88, ’91
  • Stacy S. Gardner BSE’91
  • Suzanne M. Gregory BSE’87
  • Michael R. Gustafson II BSE’93, PhD’99
  • Pamela S. Hanson
  • Fitzgerald S. Hudson BSCE’46
  • Alfred M. Hunt
  • Joseph H. Jarboe BSCE’69
  • Edward L. Koffenberger BSME’47
  • George D. McCeney BSCE’33
  • Martha Monserrate McDade BSE’81, MS‘82
  • James H. McElhaney
  • Fred W. Neu BSCE’34
  • George W. Pearsall
  • Henry Petroski
  • Robert H. Pinnix T’24
  • Ellen M. Ray
  • Edward M. Reefe BSCE’68
  • Janis J. Rehlaender BSE‘77
  • Marion L. Shepard
  • Constance E. Simmons
  • Wilbur S. Smith
  • Adrienne Stiff-Roberts
  • Nello L. Teer Jr.
  • R. Dillard Teer
  • George A. Truskey Ph.D.
  • Aleksandar S. Vesic
  • Seth A. Watkins BSME’92, JD’99, MS’93, PHD’96
  • Richard D. Webb T’51
  • Arthur E. Wheeler BSME’47
  • Jerry C. Wilkinson BSEE’67
  • William B. Wilmer VI BSEE’51
  • Howard M. Winterson T’39
  • Thomas M. Woodard BSEE’69
  • William H. Younger, Jr.