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Voluntary Withdrawal from Duke University

Students may choose to voluntarily withdraw from Duke permanently due to a variety of reasons ranging from wanting to live closer to family, deciding that they wish to attend another institution permanently, or other reasons. To initiate a Voluntary Withdrawal, schedule an appointment with the Time Away Office and complete the Time Away Inquiry Form.

Students can take a voluntary withdrawal at any point. Depending on whether they are enrolled in classes, the timing of the withdrawal request will determine the final grades for those courses. Students may not return to Duke the semester immediately following the voluntary withdrawal.

  • If a student requests a voluntary withdrawal between semesters and during the drop/add period, any course enrollments are dropped from the record. Students will pay regular fees and follow the tuition refund schedule.
  • If the student requests a voluntary withdrawal after drop/add and by the course withdrawal deadline, the student receives Ws and the courses remain on their record.
  • If a student requests a voluntary withdrawal after the course withdrawal deadline, they will receive F grades for that term.  

Deadline for a Voluntary Withdrawal 
Anytime throughout the semester. 

Last Updated:  June 2, 2023