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Study Away

The Duke Global Education Office (GEO) offers a wide range of programs that make it possible for Pratt students to study away, with the appropriate planning.  There are pre-approved programs, with and without a foreign language proficiency requirement, and multiple possibilities to take engineering courses so students can continue to make progress towards graduation.

Where to start?

For more information about the types of study away programs, click here

In addition to the GEO policies and procedures, engineering students are also held to the additional Pratt School of Engineering Study Away Policies and the Pratt School of Engineering Study Away Contract that includes steps to be taken before, during, and upon return from study away.

The minimum GPA requirement for students in the Pratt School of Engineering is 3.0.

To prepare yourself for study away, it is important to begin the planning process (even if you are just exploring the possibilities) as early as your spring semester in your first year. 

There are multiple steps and multiple layers of advising available to you that include:


Meet wth a Director of Academic Engagement (DAE):  DAE's are specialists in the curriculuar and co-curricular, and research opportunities you can explore while at Duke, such as Global and Civic Engagement.  For example, DAE's for Global and Civic Engagement can help Pratt students integrate semester away experiences into a Pratt education.  DAE's are a great first step for students to explore all global opportunities that includes study away.  To schedule an appointment with a DAE, click here.


Meet with the Global Education Office:  GEO staff will be able to discuss GEO policies and procedures, program-specific fees, deadlines, and any rules/regulations.  GEO also maintains a database of pre-approved courses around the world.  This is an excellent place to begin, however, you should not limit your search to this database solely.  You are also encouraged to look outside this database if there is a course or a country you have identified but does not appear on the list. GEO will NOT be able to advise you on which courses will satisfy engineering degree requirements.


Meet with your Academic Dean:  This is a required step outlined in the Pratt School of Engineering Study Away Policies and the Pratt School of Engineering Study Away Contract.  Your Academic Dean will discuss your academic goals with you, and assist you in developing an academic plan that includes appropriate course work for study away.

For students who are unable to plan for a semester away, there is also Summer Study Away that is a great opportunity for all students to be able to study away.

Last updated: Sept 19, 2018