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Study Away Policies & Advice

With careful planning, Pratt School of Engineering students can make study away part of their Duke Experience

Pratt students should be aware that:

  • In addition to Duke policies and procedures, Pratt students must also follow Pratt School of Engineering's Study Away Policies, and sign the Pratt School of Engineering Study Away Contract
  • An important difference is that Pratt requires students to have a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA
  • There are important steps to be taken before, during, and upon return
  • Advising and planning resources are available at Duke and Pratt to help students interested in studying away

Pratt Study Away Policies

1. Minimum 3.0 Cumulative GPA

The Pratt School of Engineering requires a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA to be cleared academically for any study away program during the Fall or Spring semester.

It is important for Pratt students to know that this is a difference from the Duke Global Education Office (GEO), which requires a minimum 2.7 cumulative GPA. Also, individual study away programs may also require a higher cumulative GPA.

2. Meet With Pratt Academic Dean

Pratt students must develop an academic plan that includes study away, in addition to a plan for the remaining semesters upon return.

An initial meeting with your Pratt academic dean should take place 2-3 semesters prior to the planned semester away. The meeting is required for all students prior to study away in order to discuss viable course options to continue progress toward graduation.

When a final decision on location is determined and courses identified, students must discuss and sign the Pratt School of Engineering Study Away Contract.

The study away agreement is due to your Pratt academic dean prior to completion of the GEO Participation Agreement.

Your academic dean must submit a final electronic copy of this agreement to the GEO.

3. Only Two Engineering Technical Courses Are Allowed

While on study away, a maximum of two engineering courses are allowed. With special permission from the departmental Director of Undergraduate Studies, a third departmental elective course may be allowed.

Other required engineering courses can also be taken. You can discuss this with your Academic Dean to determine the appropriate courses.

Students who wish to take courses to satisfy a second major, minor, or certificate, must confirm with the Directors of Undergraduate Studies of both departments to confirm courses will count for one or both majors.

Students are at risk of not being able to count study away courses toward degree requirements if those courses are not confirmed in accordance with the Pratt School of Engineering Study Away Contract.

4. Only One Course That Requires a Lab to be Completed Upon Return to Duke is Allowed

Only one instance of a study away course that does not offer an approved lab, and therefore requires the lab to be completed at Duke, will be allowed. Furthermore, students will have a maximum of two semesters to complete the lab at Duke.



To prepare for study away, it is important to begin planning—even if you are just exploring possibilities—as early as the spring semester of your First Year.

The required meeting with your Pratt academic dean should take place 2-3 semesters prior to the planned semester away.

Types of Study Away Programs

Visit the Global Education Office website for information about types of study away programs »

Advising Resources

Global Education Office

The Duke GEO staff:

  • Can discuss GEO policies and procedures, program-specific fees, deadlines, and any rules/regulations
  • Maintain a database of pre-approved courses around the world

The GEO database is an excellent place to begin. However, don't limit your search to just this database. Be sure to look beyond the database, especially if there is a course or a country you have identified that does not appear on GEO's list.

Importantly, GEO staff cannot advise you on which courses satisfy engineering degree requirements.

Your Academic Dean

Your Pratt Academic Dean can:

  • Discuss your academic goals
  • Assist in developing an academic plan that includes appropriate course work for study away

Meeting with your academic dean is a required step, as outlined in the Pratt School of Engineering Study Away Policies.