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Dean's List and Dean's List with Distinction

When determining a student's eligibility, Duke will consider only grades earned in Duke courses, including those earned in Duke Study Abroad programs and in courses covered by the Interinstitutional Agreement.

To qualify for Dean's List, a Pratt undergraduate must fulfill the following criteria:

  1. Carry a normal academic load including four credits other than dance performances/technique, physical education activity, music activity, and house courses;
  2. Earn grades other than a "S" in at least three semester courses;
  3. Receive no incomplete or failing grades;
  4. Earn a semester grade point average that is placed in the highest one third of undergraduates in Pratt.

For information about Graduation With Departmental Distinction, click here.

SPECIAL NOTE FOR SPRING 2020 - Changes in academic policy due to COVID-19 have caused the suspension of identifying Dean's List and Dean's List with Distinction for Spring 2020.

Last updated: March 26, 2020