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Adding a Course

The first two weeks of every semester constitute the Drop/Add Period. During the first week of class, you can use DukeHub online to add a course if there are seats available. Check the course listings on DukeHub. Be sure that you check for prerequisites that might be required for the course. No permission number is necessary during the first week, except for courses that always require the consent of the instructor. During the second week, you can still add a course, if you obtain a permission number from the instructor of the course you want to add. You'll use the permission number when you add the course through DukeHub.

After the end of the Drop/Add period, you can no longer add a new course. The only exception would be if you needed to correct your schedule in the week after Drop/Add (the Schedule Correction Period). You should always review your schedule as soon as the Drop/Add period is over every semester to be sure you're enrolled in the correct courses.

Last updated: November 19, 2003