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Academic Dismissal

A Duke student can be involuntarily withdrawn for academic reasons, financial reasons, and for violation of academic regulations. The information in this section pertains to involuntary withdrawal for academic reasons.

You will be withdrawn involuntarily from Duke for academic reasons if:

  • at the end of a semester you fail to pass at least three courses (3.0 credits) that semester, except that in the first semester of enrollment at Duke, you must pass at least two courses (2.0 credits);
  • you fail more than one full (1.0 credit) course in a summer session at Duke;
  • you are on probation and at the end of your probationary semester, you have failed to earn grades of C- or better in each of the four courses completed that semester or a C average for that semester; or
  • before the beginning of any fall term, you have not met annual continuation requirements.

A second academic dismissal will result in a minimium separation of two years (including summers).

For information about returning from an Academic Dismissal, you should consult the Time Away website. 

Last updated: February 4, 2021