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Personal, Environmental & Population Health

Duke engineers are deeply engaged in improving the health of humans and our environment—from understanding and ameliorating disease at the molecular and genetic level, to developing technologies to improve global health, to exploring the interconnections between human health and environmental quality. A hallmark of our approach is extensive collaborations with leading physicians and scientists at Duke’s School of Medicine and Nicholas School of the Environment.

Major Centers & Initiatives


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Duke-Coulter Translational Medicine Partnership

With 8 companies founded and $486 million in follow-on funding to date, Duke-Coulter Partnership supports collaborative research to develop real-world solutions to unmet clinical needs

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Medicine+Engineering at Duke

Schools’ MEDx partnership brings together engineers, clinicians and trainees to advance innovation in health care

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Reinventing the Toilet

Supported through multiple grants from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Center for WaSH-AID and two emerging technologies hope to reshape the lives and health of billions of people both worldwide and at home