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Tingjun Chen


Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Appointments and Affiliations

  • Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Contact Information


  • Ph.D. Columbia University, 2020
  • M.S. Columbia University, 2018
  • B.S. Tsinghua University (China), 2014

Research Interests

Wireless networking, next-generation wireless and optical networks, edge cloud and computing, Internet-of-Things (IoT), mobile and embedded systems, platforms and testbeds

Awards, Honors, and Distinctions

  • Top-Scored Paper. IEEE/Optica OFC'23. 2023
  • Eli Jury Award. Columbia University. 2021
  • IBM Academic Award. IBM. 2021
  • Google Research Scholar Award. Google. 2021
  • Morton B. Friedman Memorial Prize for Excellence. Columbia Engineering. 2021
  • ACM SIGMOBILE Doctoral Dissertation Award, Runner-up. ACM SIGMOBILE. 2021
  • Best Paper Finalist. ACM MobiHoc'19. 2019
  • Student Research Competition (SRC) Winner – First Place. ACM MobiCom'19. 2019
  • Facebook Fellowship. Facebook. 2019
  • Oscar and Verna Byron Fellowship. Columbia University Engineering School. 2018
  • Best Paper Award. ACM CoNEXT'16. 2016
  • Edwin Howard Armstrong Memorial Award. Columbia University. 2015
  • Wei Family Private Foundation Fellowship. Wei Family Private Foundation. 2014

Courses Taught

  • COMPSCI 390: Topics in Computer Science
  • COMPSCI 515: Wireless Networking and Mobile Computing
  • COMPSCI 590: Advanced Topics in Computer Science
  • ECE 495: Special Topics in Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • ECE 556: Wireless Networking and Mobile Computing
  • ECE 590: Advanced Topics in Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • ECE 891: Internship

In the News

Representative Publications

  • Chen, T; Maddala, P; Skrimponis, P; Kolodziejski, J; Adhikari, A; Hu, H; Gao, Z; Paidimarri, A; Valdes-Garcia, A; Lee, M; Rangan, S; Zussman, G; Seskar, I, Open-access millimeter-wave software-defined radios in the PAWR COSMOS testbed: Design, deployment, and experimentation, Computer Networks, vol 234 (2023) [10.1016/j.comnet.2023.109922] [abs].
  • Wang, Z; Kilper, DC; Chen, T, Open EDFA gain spectrum dataset and its applications in data-driven EDFA gain modeling, Journal of Optical Communications and Networking, vol 15 no. 9 (2023), pp. 588-599 [10.1364/JOCN.491901] [abs].
  • Chen, T; Dastjerdi, MB; Krishnaswamy, H; Zussman, G, Wideband Full-Duplex Phased Array with Joint Transmit and Receive Beamforming: Optimization and Rate Gains, Ieee/Acm Transactions on Networking, vol 29 no. 4 (2021), pp. 1591-1604 [10.1109/TNET.2021.3069125] [abs].
  • Du, J; Chizhik, D; Valenzuela, RA; Feick, R; Castro, G; Rodriguez, M; Chen, T; Kohli, M; Zussman, G, Directional Measurements in Urban Street Canyons from Macro Rooftop Sites at 28 GHz for 90% Outdoor Coverage, Ieee Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, vol 69 no. 6 (2021), pp. 3459-3469 [10.1109/TAP.2020.3044398] [abs].
  • Nagulu, A; Gaonkar, A; Ahasan, S; Garikapati, S; Chen, T; Zussman, G; Krishnaswamy, H, A Full-Duplex Receiver with True-Time-Delay Cancelers Based on Switched-Capacitor-Networks Operating beyond the Delay-Bandwidth Limit, Ieee Journal of Solid State Circuits, vol 56 no. 5 (2021), pp. 1398-1411 [10.1109/JSSC.2021.3063658] [abs].