Walking Tour of Duke Gardens with Docent


Join a Duke Gardens docent as they lead us on a one-hour walking tour of Duke Gardens to learn about all of the flora, fauna, and history. Wear comfortable shoes and sunscreen, it's likely to be hot! Meet at the Iris Fountain in front of the Doris Duke Center at Sarah P. Duke Gardens.

Pressures of the Research Environment


Join an interactive event organized by ASIST. Reserve your seat at the Research Integrity Roundtable "Pressures of the Research Environment" on Thursday, May 16th, 2024 at 1:00pm - 2:30pm. This new RCR-200 offering is designed for new or early-stage researchers. Participants will engage in an interactive virtual event to discuss the common pressures scientists face, […]

Perverse Incentives in Academia


Join an interactive event organized by ASIST. Reserve your seat in the Research Integrity Roundtable "Perverse Incentives in Academia" on Monday, May 20, 2024 at 3:00-4:30pm. Participants will review some common perverse incentives and reflect on the role these may play in research, as well as consider whether there are alternatives to these systems. Attending […]

Facilitating Harmonization of Variables from the Framingham, MESA, ARIC, and REGARDS Studies Through a Metadata Repository


Research in stroke prevention requires inclusion of a broad range of data sets from different cohorts. Integrating and harmonizing different data sources are essential to increase generalizability, sample size, and representation of understudied populations-strengthening the evidence for the scientific questions being addressed. To that end, Duke AI Health and the American Heart Association have developed […]

Medical Robotics Seminar: Autonomous Medical Robots Guided by Real-Time 3D Imaging

Teer 203

Medical robots can precisely manipulate tools beyond human capabilities and are thus helpful for surgeries involving delicate tissue interactions. When coupled with live 3D imaging, such robots can independently guide surgical instruments in real time. In practice, however, patients receive only limited benefits from such intraprocedural data streams due to the lack of integration between […]