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Major Gift Donors

Recognizing those who have made significant gifts to Duke Engineering

Gifts and Distributions

The Pratt Gift

In 1999, Edmund T. Pratt Jr. '47 gave $35 million to endow Duke's School of Engineering.

Edmund T. Pratt Jr.At the time, it was the second-largest gift in Duke's history.

"What better thing to do with the resources one has than to help a great university to become even greater," said Pratt, the former chief executive of Pfizer Inc.

Pratt first arrived on the Duke campus as a 17-year-old naval officer trainee. He began his career at IBM Corp. He served in the Kennedy Administration as an assistant secretary of the Army. He joined Pfizer in 1964, became its president in 1971 and its chairman and CEO in 1972.

Pfizer established the Pfizer Inc.-Edmund T. Pratt, Jr. University Professorship upon his retirement. In 1997, the university named the Jinny and Ed Pratt Commons at the Levine Science Research Center, following their $1 million gift. That space is the home of the Duke Engineering Design Pod.

In 1999, Duke's School of Engineering was renamed in his honor.

Pratt died on Sept. 5, 2002, at age 75.

The Fitzpatrick Gift

Michael J. E'70 and Patricia W. Fitzpatrick W'69 gave $25 million in 2000 to establish an innovative center for advanced photonics and communications.

The Fitzpatrick Center and the Fitzpatrick Institute for Photonics are named in their honor.

Duke President Nannerl O. Keohane

Michael received a bachelor's degree in engineering from Duke in 1970. Patty graduated from Duke's Women's College in 1969.

Michael Fitzpatrick is the former chairman, chief executive officer, and president of E-TEK Dynamics Inc., a leading manufacturer of fiber optic components, instruments and systems for the telecommunications and cable television industries.

Patty Fitzpatrick is president of the Fitzpatrick Foundation, which supports programs for economically disadvantaged Northern California youth.


Gifts to the Fitzpatrick Center

Special Areas

  • Michael J. and Patricia W. Fitzpatrick Building
  • Fitzpatrick Center for Photonics and Communications
  • Jeffrey N. Vinik Building
  • Kenneth T. Schiciano E'84 Auditorium
  • Lawrence D. Lenihan, Jr. E'87 Undergraduate Learning Center
  • Gary W. E'60 and Elizabeth D. Dickinson WC'61 Arcade
  • Anonymous - Twinnie's Café


  • Poses Family Laboratory
  • The Addy Family Laboratory
  • The Barry N. Bycoff Family Foundation Laboratory
  • Clarence and Beverley Chandran Laboratory
  • Stephen C. Coley E'67 Laboratory
  • Daniel M. Dickinson Laboratory
  • Theodore C. Kennedy E'52 Laboratory
  • Dr. Jack Lee and Family Laboratory
  • Martha Monserrate McDade E'81, G'82 Laboratory
  • Walter M. Mumma Faculty Commons
  • Amy and Donny Wilkinson Laboratory
  • Claude B. Williams, Jr. E'44 and David Hessee Laboratory
  • The Yoh Family Laboratory
  • William H. Younger Laboratory

Conference Rooms

  • Boswell Engineering Conference Room
  • Marie E. and Robert O. Dierks Conference Room
  • Thomas E. Harrington E'66 Conference Room
  • Alan L. Kaganov E'60 and Carol M. Kaganov Conference Room
  • The Lang Family Conference Room
  • The Meier Family Biomedical Engineering Conference Room
  • Howard M. Winterson T'39 Conference Room
  • The Yoh Family Conference Room

Administrative Suites

  • William J. Florence III E'83 Administrative Suite
  • William A. Hawkins III E'76 Administrative Suite
  • John L. E'45 and Lois Imhoff Administrative Suite


  • Robert W. Althaus E'71 Office
  • In Memory of The Honorable Terry Sanford
  • James N. Barton E'60 Office
  • Berghorst Foundation Office
  • Stephen Ray Bolze E'85 Office
  • Theodore Kleban E'38 Office, Given by Lewis C. Brewster E'86
  • Tom E'88 and Elizabeth Malone Burger T'88 Office
  • Marjorie B. D'92 and Robert W. "Judge" Carr, Jr. E'71 Office
  • Fredrick L. Thurstone Office
  • Norman A. Cocke III E'68 Office
  • Barbara C. and James H. Corrigan, Jr. E'47 Office
  • George H. Crowell E'67 Office
  • George C. Dannals E'49 Office
  • Peter J. Denker E'59 Office
  • John M. Derrick, Jr. E'61 and Linda D. Derrick Office
  • Robert E. Donaho E'76 and Stephanie E. Elbers-Donaho T'78
  • F. Reid Ervin E'42 Office
  • Fred M. Fehsenfeld, Jr. E'73 Office
  • James H. Frey E'60 Office
  • Robert L. Galloway, Jr. E'77, Ph.D.'83 and Karen E. Campbell Office
  • C. Gary Gerst E'61 Office
  • Carol J. and Charles D. Grove E'51
  • The Guerster Family
  • Marilyn and Keith Harrison
  • Grant T. Hollett, Jr. Office
  • Jeffrey D. Ix E'78 and Kathleen D. Ix E'79 Office
  • Joseph H. Jarboe E'69 Office
  • Vinay J. Jayaram E'96 Office
  • John and Maria Johnson Office
  • Kathleen B. and Robert G. Johnson Office
  • Edwin L. Jones, Jr. E'48 Office
  • Lee M. Kenna, Jr. E'68 Family Office
  • Dr. Nannerl O. Keohane, President of Duke University, 1993-2004
  • Edward L. Koffenberger E'47 Office
  • Dr. Jack Lee and Family Office
  • Marx-Love Office
  • James R. E'88 and Suzanne L. Lowry Office
  • Lydia and Harry McCulloch Office
  • In Memory of John Bell McGaughy E'38
  • Jan L. Mize E'60 Office
  • David L. Pugh E'71 Office
  • Curt A. Rawley E'71 Office
  • Edward M. E'68 and Nora Lea WC'67 Reefe Office
  • Janis Jordan Rehlaender E'77 Office
  • Christopher M. E'80 and Sarah E. Relyea Office
  • Vernon H. and Helen R. Scarborough Office
  • J. Stephen Simon E'65 Office
  • SKANSKA Office
  • David P. Spearman E'77 Office
  • Jeff Spiritos E'76 Office: In memory of K.P. Arges and E. Elsevier
  • Stroy/Tanimoto Office
  • Dorothy J. and W. John Swartz E'56 Office
  • Joanne H. and Samuel A. Walker III E'66 Office
  • Seth A. Watkins E'92, MS'93, Ph.D.'96, JD'99 Office
  • Michael O. Wheeler E'65 Office
  • William B. Wilmer VI E'51 Office
  • Tom and Debbie Woodard Office


  • William C. Dackis E'44 Break Room
  • Gerald C. Hartman Break Room

Wall of Recognition

  • Mark E. Baldwin E'75
  • Frank Birinyi E'72, G'76
  • John J. Borgschulte E'73
  • Charles T. and Joanne Davidson
  • G. Trevor Davis Jr.
  • In Memory of Thomas D. Downey E'52
  • Sally J. Fong Family
  • Marla J. Franks, MD E'80
  • James H. E’60 and Jacqueline WC’64 Frey
  • Annie Lewis J. WC'61 and Robert A. Garda E'61
  • Guerry L. Grune E'78
  • Philip J. Hawk E'76
  • Donald M. Helfer E'71
  • In Memory of Ozey K. Horton, Sr. and Jeanne Heyward Lynah Horton
  • Joseph M. Hunt III E'61, G'67
  • Daniel V. Ingram E'96
  • John and Maria Johnson
  • Tom E. and Bettsy C. Leib
  • James C. Lordeman E'78
  • Irene Lilly WC'62 and William W. McCutchen, Jr. E'62
  • Douglas A. and Marianne McGraw
  • Capers W. E'74 and Marion K. WC'75 McDonald
  • Lionel W. Neptune E’82
  • In Memory of Donald Yeager Nicholas E'37
  • James B. Nicholas E'73
  • Richard B. Parran, Jr. E'79
  • Daniel A. Pitt T'71
  • Sky Polega
  • Clay E. E'76 and Karen W. N'78 Scarborough
  • Barry Schneirov E'85
  • Elizabeth Franklin Sechrest E'79
  • Frances S. & Gordon L. Smith, Jr. E'48
  • Robert J. Stets, Jr.
  • The Steve and Jay Sullivan Family
  • David J. Thacker T'97
  • Dr. and Mrs. Paul A. Vadnais E'73
  • Dr. Paul P. Wang
  • Art and Mickey Wheeler
  • Claude B. Williams, Jr. E'44 and David Hessee
  • Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Partnership

The LORD Corporation Distribution

A four-decade-long relationship with leaders of the LORD Corporation led to the historic distribution of $261 million to Duke in 2019.

Thomas LordThe LORD distribution, designated for the university's endowment to provide a permanent source of support, was the largest single outside contribution to the fund since the founding of the university in 1924.

The income from that endowment is allocated to these strategic priorities:

  • Financial aid for Duke undergraduate students
  • Support for science and technology programs and initiatives at the Pratt School of Engineering

In 2020, in recognition of their long-term contributions, the Duke's Board of Trustees named:

  • Duke's Department of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science (a first at Duke) for the late LORD Corporation chair Thomas Lord
  • The department's chair for the late LORD Corporation president and former member of the Duke Engineering Board of Visitors, Donald M. Alstadt


Endowed Professorships

  • The Hunter Dewees Adams, Jr. Professor
    To be Named
  • Addy Family Professor
    Aaron Franklin
  • Donald M. Alstadt Chair of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science
    Cate Brinson
  • Anderson-Rupp Teaching Professor
    Wilkins Aquino
  • James N. & Elizabeth H. Barton Associate Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering
    Maiken Mikkelsen
  • Bell-Rhodes Professor of the Practice
    Stacy Tantum
  • Robert W. Carr, Jr. Professor
    Nimmi Ramanujam
  • Cue Family Professor
    To be Named
  • Dickinson Family Associate Professor
    Miroslav Pajic
  • James B. Duke Professors
    Guillermo Sapiro
    Mark Wiesner
  • Michael J. Fitzpatrick Professor
    Joe Izatt
  • Fitzpatrick Family University Professor
    To be Named
  • W.H. Gardner, Jr. Associate Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering
    Marc Sommer
  • W.H. Gardner, Jr. Department Chair of Civil and Environmental Engineering
    Henri Gavin
  • Gendell Family Assistant/Associate Professor of the Practice
    To be Named
  • Gendell Family Associate Professor of the Practice
    W. Neal Simmons
  • R. Eugene and Susie E. Goodson Professors
    George Truskey
    Tuan Vo-Dinh
  • Hawkins Family Associate Professor
    To be Named
  • Hogg Family Directorship of Engineering Management/Hogg Entrepreneurial Professor
    Jeff Glass
  • Fitzgerald S. Hudson Professor
    Kishor Trivedi
  • J.A. Jones Professor of Mechanical Engineering
    Adrian Bejan
  • J.A. Jones Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
    Nan Marie Jokerst
  • Alan L. Kaganov Professor of Biomedical Engineering
    Ashutosh Chilkoti
  • Theodore Kennedy Professor
    Joel Collier
  • Lord-Chandran Professor
    Richard Fair
  • Thomas Lord Professor
    Olaf von Ramm
  • Dennis and Virginia Matthias Engineering Professor
    To be Named
  • Mattson Family & Goldman Sachs Director of Entrepreneurial Ventures in Engineering
    Bill Walker
  • Alfred Winborne Mordecai & Victoria Stover Mordecai Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering
    Amanda Randles
  • Nortel Networks Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
    Maria Gorlatova
  • Edmund T. Pratt, Jr. School of Engineering Professors
    Stefano Curtarolo
    Warren Grill
  • Edmund T. Pratt, Jr. School Professor of the Practice
    Lisa Huettel
  • Rehlaender Family Associate Professor
    To be Named
  • Randolph K. Repass and Sally-Christine Rodgers University Professor
    Doug Nowacek
  • Rhodes Family Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
    Vahid Tarohk
  • Rooney Family Associate Professor
    To be Named
  • Paul Ruffin Scarborough Associate Professor
    To be Named
  • Schiciano Family Professor
    Jungsang Kim
  • Simon Family Professor
    David Mitzi
  • Sternberg Family Professor
    Michael Bergin
  • Nello L. Teer, Jr. Professor
    David Katz
  • James L. and Elizabeth M. Vincent Professor
    Brent Hoffman
  • Jeffrey N. Vinik Professor
    Adrienne Stiff-Roberts
  • Vinik Dean of Engineering
    Jerome P. Lynch
  • Williams-Hessee Professor
    To be Named
  • Sharon C. & Harold L. Yoh III Professor
    Cate Brinson
  • The Yoh Family Professors
    Christine Payne
    Michael Zavlanos
  • William H. Younger Professor
    Steve Cummer

Eponymous Professorships

Julian Francis Abele Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science

Held by Kenneth C. Hall

Kenneth C. Hall

Named for the first major African-American architect in the United States—and chief designer and draftsman of many Duke buildings, including Duke Chapel. In 1904, Abele was the first African-American to graduate from the Pennsylvania School of Fine Arts and Architecture.

He joined the firm of Horace Trumbauer, which sent him to Paris to study at L'Ecole des Beaux-Arts. By 1909, he was Trumbauer's chief designer. Along with many houses for New York and Philadephia elite, Abele is credited with the design of Harvard's Widener Library and Philadelphia's Free Library and Museum of Art. 

Abele died in Philadelphia in 1950 at age 68.

William Bevan Distinguished Professor of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science

Held by Tony Jun Huang

Tony Jun HuangNamed for the cognitive psychologist and former Duke provost. William Bevan spent his career researching how people perceive the world and pursuing ways to translate those insights into improvements in teaching, learning, mental health care, and public policy.

He was the founder of Duke’s Talent Identification Program (TIP), which has the mission of identifying, challenging and inspiring intellectually gifted children.

Bevan died on February 19, 2007, at age 84.

John Cocke Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Held by Krishnendu Chakrabarty

Krishnendu ChakrabartyNamed for the American computer scientist considered by many to be the father of RISC architecture. John Cocke attended Duke, where he received his bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering in 1946 and his Ph.D. in mathematics in 1953. Cocke spent his entire career as an industrial researcher for IBM.

Perhaps the project where his innovations were most noted was the IBM 801 minicomputer. He realized that matching the design of the architecture's instruction set to the relatively simple instructions emitted by compilers allowed high performance at a low cost. Cocke won the ACM Turing Award in 1987, the National Medal of Technology in 1991 and the National Medal of Science in 1994.

He died on July 16, 2002, at age 77.

William Holland Hall Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Held by Earl H. Dowell

Earl H. DowellNamed for the first dean of the College of Engineering at Duke. William Holland Hall was an early champion of engineering education at Trinity College (later renamed Duke University). He joined the Department of Engineering faculty in 1914 and became dean in 1939.

During his early tenure, he comprised the entire engineering department staff. With perseverance and dedication, Hall consistently championed the merits of engineering education, resulting in the formation of the Division of Engineering in 1937 and the College of Engineering in 1939. Dean Hall led the college through a period of sustained growth after World War II and continued to do so until his retirement in 1954.

He died on August 18, 1977, at age 92.

James L. Meriam Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Held by Lawrence Carin

Lawrence CarinJames L. Meriam was dean of engineering at Duke from 1963 to 1969, when many positive changes occurred, including the elevation to the School of Engineering and the graduation of the school's first African-American students. The Division of Biomedical Engineering was established in 1967, and in 1971 it became the first biomedical engineering department at a university in the United States.

Meriam was well known for his long association with the Mechanics Division of ASEE. He was a past division chair and recipient of the Division Outstanding Educator Award. In 1992, ASEE bestowed upon him the Benjamin Garver Lamme Award. Meriam received his three degrees from Yale University, served in the Coast Guard during World War II, and had early industrial experience with both Pratt & Whitney Aircraft and General Electric. Recognition of his superb teaching abilities followed him wherever he went. He began his Engineering Mechanics textbook series in 1950.

The Statics and Dynamics texts reconstructed undergraduate mechanics and became the definitive textbooks in the field for the next five decades, and several are in use today. In addition to American versions, the books have appeared in SI versions and have been translated into several foreign languages. In addition to his professional accomplishments, Meriam will long be remembered for his friendliness, gentlemanly demeanor, mature judgment and leadership, generosity, and absolute commitment to high educational standards.

He died on July 18, 2000.

Theo Pilkington Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Held by Kathy Nightingale

Kathy NightingaleNamed for the founder of Duke's Department of Biomedical Engineering (BME). Theo Pilkington received his engineering doctorate from Duke and used computers and mathematics to study the heart's electrical activity. By the end of the 1960s, he was heading a biomedical engineering program in Duke's electrical engineering department.

Then in 1971, biomedical engineering became its own department, with Pilkington as its first chairman. Pilkington went on to found and lead another pioneering Duke-based program: the Engineering Research Center for Emerging Cardiovascular Technologies, funded by the National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health and industrial affiliates.

He died in 1993 at age 57.

Robert Plonsey Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Held by Gregg E. Trahey

Gregg E. TraheyNamed for an important early leader in the emerging field of biomedical engineering. Robert Plonsey served as president of two of the field's most important societies: the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS) and the Biomedical Engineering Society.

Plonsey joined the Duke biomedical engineering faculty in 1983. At Duke, he and his collaborators were among the first to apply the bidomain model to study the propagation of electrical impulses in the heart and proposed the sawtooth mechanism of defibrillation. After his retirement in 1996 as the Pfizer Inc./Edmund T. Pratt Jr. University Professor Emeritus of Biomedical Engineering, he continued to be available to faculty and students.

In 2004, he received a distinguished service award from the BME Society and the prestigious Ragnar Granit Prize for his contributions to promoting bioelectromagnetism and biomedical engineering at an international level. He was a fellow of AAAS and a member of the National Academy of Engineering. He received a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from the University of California, Berkeley, in 1956.

He died on March 14, 2015, at the age of 90. Read a remembrance of Bob Plonsey »

Aleksandar S. Vesic Professor of Civil Engineering

Held by Michael Rubinstein

Michael RubinsteinAleksandar Vesic was a professor of civil engineering at Duke before serving as dean of the College of Engineering, 1974-1982.

To honor his efforts in expanding the engineering college, Duke named the Vesic Library for Engineering, Mathematics and Physics.

He died on May 3, 1982, at age 57.

Scholarships and Fellowships


  • Alfonsi/Utley Family Scholar
  • Donald M. & Judith C. Alstadt Scholars
  • Shrujal H. Amin Scholar
  • K. P. Arges Scholar
  • Eric F. Bam Scholar
  • Barra Family Scholar
  • C. Leland Bassett Scholars
  • B. E. & K. Scholars
  • Bennett Family Scholars
  • Carolina B. Berini Scholars
  • Joe F. Berini Scholar
  • Bhumralkar Family Scholar
  • Bingle Family Scholars
  • Walter J. Bishop Family Scholar
  • Bee-Keng Boey Scholars
  • Bolno Family Scholars
  • Stephen and Alicia Bolze Scholars
  • Stephen T. & Karen A. L. Boswell Scholars
  • Brentjens Family Scholar
  • Tyler Ahern Brown Memorial Scholars
  • Dale & Catherine Buchanan Scholars
  • Dorcas Maynor & E. Ray Bucher, Jr. Scholar
  • Raul Salvador Buelvas III Scholar
  • Thomas A. Burger, Jr. Scholar
  • Bycoff & Sons Scholar
  • Bycoff Family Scholars
  • Byers Family Scholars
  • Marjorie B. & Robert W. Carr, Jr. Scholar
  • Sally and Ned Carter Scholar
  • John T. Chambers Scholar
  • A. James & Alice B. Clark Foundation Scholars
  • Julia and Howard Clark Scholar
  • Class of 1981 Scholar
  • Class of 1985 Scholar
  • Peggie C. Cleveland Family Scholars
  • Cochran Family Scholar
  • John Cocke Scholars
  • Norman A. Cocke III Scholar
  • Dr. Gary I. & Charlene M. Cohen Scholar
  • Coley Family Scholar
  • Darryl W. and Shirley A. Copeland Scholars
  • Curran Family Scholar
  • William C. & Elle R. Dackis Scholar
  • Daues Family Scholars
  • Linda Ruth Dean Scholars
  • Linda D & John M. Derrick, Jr. Scholars
  • Dickinson Family Scholar
  • Marie E. & Robert O. Dierks Scholars
  • Michael Doherty Memorial Scholar
  • Dyckerhoff Family Scholar
  • Frederick E. & Claire B. Ehrsam Scholars
  • Ernest Elsevier Scholars
  • David W. Erdman Scholar
  • F. Reid Ervin Scholar
  • W. M. Ervin & Mary Collins Ervin Scholar
  • Ferdinand Quasi Scholars
  • Fields Family Scholars
  • C. Neal Fleming Memorial Scholars
  • Florence Family Scholars
  • Freeman Family Undergraduate Scholar
  • Paul Freestone Family Scholar
  • James H. and Jacqueline Frey Scholar
  • Robert L. Galloway, Jr. & Karen E. Campbell Scholar
  • Garda Scholars
  • W.H. Gardner, Jr. Scholars
  • Nicholas and Amanda Gelber Scholar
  • John S. & Lynn V. Gilbert Scholar
  • Clair H. Gingher Scholars
  • Suzanne Gregory & Theodore Reiss Family Scholars
  • George M. & R. (Lee) Grills Scholar
  • Gulf Oil Scholars
  • Hamamatsu Ralph Eno Scholars
  • William J. & Patricia M. Hanenberg Scholars
  • Thomas E. & Susan C. Harrington Scholars
  • Marilyn A. & R. Keith Harrison, Jr. Scholar
  • Hawk Family Scholars
  • Sharon D. and William A. Hawkins III Scholars
  • Jake & Stephanie Henry Scholar
  • George R. Herbert Scholar
  • Hobbeheydar Family Scholar
  • Hogg Family Scholar
  • Dr. Henry Kent Holland Scholar
  • Hollett Family Scholars
  • Jeffrey D. & Kathleen D. Ix Scholars
  • Jagannath Family Scholar
  • Joseph H. Jarboe Engineering Scholars
  • Vinay J. Jayaram Scholar
  • Kristina M. Johnson Scholars
  • Owen C. Johnson Scholar
  • Edwin L. & Lucille Finch Jones, Jr. Scholars
  • J.A. Jones Scholars
  • Alan L. & Carol M. Kaganov Scholars
  • Ronald G. & Nedra A. Kalish Scholar
  • Lee and Caridad Kenna Family Scholar
  • Bennett D. Klein Scholars
  • Edward L. & Winifred M. Koffenberger Scholars
  • Kumar Family Scholar
  • Chun H. and Edith Lam Scholars
  • Lang Family Scholar
  • Ralph S. Larsen Memorial Scholar
  • Eugene M. Levin Scholars
  • Lilly Scholars
  • Lorenzini Family Scholar
  • MacLeod Stewardship Foundation, Inc. Scholar
  • Valecia D. Maclin Scholar
  • Matthews Family Scholar
  • Mattson Family Scholars
  • Richard Maxwell Engineering Scholar
  • Thomas & Kelly Mazzucco Scholar
  • David P. McCallie, Jr. Scholars
  • McChesney Family Foundation Scholar
  • McChesney Family Foundation #2 Scholar
  • Irene Lilly & William W. McCutchen, Jr. Scholars
  • McDade Family Scholars
  • Dawn R. and John M. McDonald III Family Scholars
  • John B. McGaughy Scholar
  • J. Bradford McIlvain Scholar
  • McJunkin Family Scholar
  • McNerney Family Scholars
  • Jan L. Mize Scholar
  • Robert T. and Suellen G. Monk Family Foundation Scholar
  • Thomas R. Mullen, Jr. Scholars
  • Joan P. and Alvin R. Murphy, Jr. Scholar
  • Natelli Engineering Scholars
  • Michael Frances Nolan Scholar
  • Norton Family Scholar
  • Ray M. “Mort” Olds Scholar
  • John G. Ordway Family Scholar
  • Perrone Family Scholar
  • J. Elaine & Joseph C. Peterson, Jr. Scholar
  • Pietrewicz Family Scholar
  • Pine Tree Scholars
  • Robert H. Pinnix Scholars
  • Sky Polega Scholars
  • James F. Rabenhorst Scholars
  • Sheila Campbell Raney Scholar
  • Judith N. & Richard C. Ranson Engineering Scholars
  • Lindsay Ann Rawot Memorial Scholars
  • Nora Lea & Edward M. Reefe Scholar
  • Marie Foote Reel Scholar
  • James E. & Janis J. Rehlaender Scholars
  • Rhodes Family Scholars
  • William I. Riker, Jr. Scholar
  • Robertson Family Scholar
  • Mary M. & Timothy P. Rooney Scholar
  • Chuck and Jeanne Rudiger Scholar
  • Helen R. & Vernon H. Scarborough Scholars
  • Mary Kay and Paul Ruffin Scarborough Scholar
  • Kenneth Thomas Schiciano Scholars
  • Schneirov Family Scholar
  • Sechrest Family Scholars
  • Seelig/Dell’Antonia Family Scholar
  • Gerard T. Shannon Scholars
  • Marion L. Shepard Scholars
  • Carrie Downey Shoemaker Memorial Scholars
  • Connie Simmons Scholars
  • J. Stephen Simon Scholar
  • J. Stephen & Susan G. Simon Scholar
  • Sisavaddy-Fadel Family Scholar
  • Spearman Family Scholar
  • Sternberg Family Scholar
  • Clifton G. & Dorothy Reichman Stoneburner Scholar
  • Catherine and James L. Stuart Scholars
  • Sullivan Family Scholars
  • George P. and Carole W. Summers Scholar
  • Sutherland Family Engineering Scholars
  • W. John & Dorothy J. Swartz Scholars
  • Tabernilla Family Scholar
  • Scott E. Telesz Scholar
  • Richard Miles Thompson Scholars
  • Tiedrich/Simmons Family Scholar
  • George J. and Ujjwala S. Titus Scholars
  • T. Edward Torgerson Scholar
  • Horace Trumbauer Memorial Fund Scholars
  • Ubben Family Scholar
  • University Scholars
  • Charles R. Vail Scholar
  • Valdes Family Scholars
  • Alyssa and Ashok Varadhan Goldman Sachs Scholars
  • Aleksandar Sedmak Vesic and Milena Sedmak Vesic Scholars
  • Jeffrey N. and Penny Vinik Scholars
  • Wahl Family Scholars
  • James V. Walsh Engineering Scholar
  • Mike Walsh Scholar
  • Watkins Family Scholar
  • Watts Family Scholar
  • Richard D. Webb and R. Davis Webb, Jr. Scholar
  • Michael O. & Susan J. Wheeler Scholars
  • Whitney Family Scholars
  • Beverly A. & Jerry C. Wilkinson Scholars
  • Myrtle Coker Wilkinson Scholar
  • William B. and Lena S. Wilmer Scholar
  • Thomas M. & Debra S. Woodard Scholar
  • Vernon O. & Bernice M. Woodard Scholar
  • Brian Glenn Wright Memorial Scholar
  • Yin Yin & Shane Zhang Scholar
  • Mike & Gayle Yoh Scholar
  • Sharon C. & Harold L. Yoh III Scholars
  • Christopher H. and Josefine Young Scholar
  • John J. Young Engineering Scholars
  • William H. Younger Scholars

Planned Gift Scholarships/Fellowships

  • Anonymous Scholar
  • William M. Boyer Scholar
  • Jack B. and Mallary M. Chaddock Fellow
  • William G. Gardner Family Scholar
  • E. Michelle Gipson & Randall L. Corn Scholar
  • Coy M. Glass Fellow
  • Al & Jeannette Gore Scholar
  • Quincy & Ina Hocutt Scholar
  • Ellen E. Mack Scholar
  • Capers and Marion McDonald Scholar
  • Stephen M. & Tracy A. Nickelsburg Scholar
  • Elizabeth N. and George S. Plattenburg, Jr. Scholar
  • Ernest D. & Gloria H. Taylor Scholar
  • Trutna Family Scholar
  • Eric V.  & Carolyn J. Witt Scholar
  • Frederick P. & Thalia H. Witt Scholar


  • John T. Chambers Engineering Fellow
  • Sam Y. & Rose S. Feng Fellow
  • Michael J. and Patricia W. Fitzpatrick Fellow
  • Garda Graduate Engineering Fellow
  • W.H. Gardner, Jr. Society of Engineering Fellows
  • Kristina M. Johnson Fellow
  • Ram and Nalini Krishnan Fellow
  • Michael Rhodes Fellows
  • Teinlie "Danny" & Victoria H. Tai Fellow
  • Thurstone Medical Imaging Fellow
  • Wilkinson Family Fellow


James B. Duke Society

The James B. Duke Society recognizes individuals who have followed the example and generosity of Duke University's founder, James B. Duke, by providing cumulative gifts exceeding $100,000.

James B. DukeDuke University, to acknowledge membership in the society, commissioned Tiffany & Co. to create a limited edition porcelain box inspired by the original architect's drawings of the West Campus Union and dormitory buildings. Each member receives one of these boxes and is invited to Duke's annual gala donor recognition weekend.

Each member's name is permanently inscribed at a prominent campus location. The Wall of Recognition in the atrium of the Fitzpatrick Center permanently records the names of Duke Engineering members of the society.

Founders Society

The Founders Society, active from 1980 to 2004, honors those who made gifts of $25,000 or more.

Members received bronze replicas of The Sower—which symbolizes the farsighted individual who sows seeds today for harvest tomorrow.

The Wall of Recognition in the atrium of the Fitzpatrick Center lists the names of society members.

Founders Society Members

Name, Graduation Year, and Year of Induction

  • Jean S. and Brian F. Addy E'86 2004
  • Donald Alstadt 2001
  • Fred C. Aldridge, Jr. E'55 1987
  • Mr. and Mrs. Howard M. Anderson P'02 2003
  • Robert W. Anderson E'59 1993
  • Margaretta and Norman Augustine 1987
  • Janice L. and William M. Bartlett E'54 1987
  • James N. Barton E'60 1993
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Muse Bass P'97 2002
  • Rebecca B. and C. Leland Bassett E'59 1986
  • P. J. Baugh T'54 1987
  • George N. Beer E'44 2003
  • Carolina B. Berini 1998
  • Mary W. and Joe F. Berini E'39 2003
  • Jane and Vinson Bidlingmeyer 1984
  • Barbara C. and Robert M. Borst E'51 1987
  • R. Wiley Bourne, Jr. E'59 1992
  • Brenda B. and H. Keith H. Brodie 1987
  • Jean B. WC'49 and Richard A. Bugg, Jr. E'49 1990
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