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Media Coverage

Check out the latest media coverage of Duke engineering research and education.

The News & Observer | July 9, 2018

You're Not a Fraud. This Summer Program Aims to Keep Women in Tech

Featuring Monica Jenkins

Now in it's third year, Duke's DTech Scholars Program supports women in ECE and computer science through their college years.


Quartz | July 2, 2018

Physics Can Explain Human Innovation and Enlightenment

Featuring Adrian Bejan

Adrian Bejan argues that human movement and social constructs are described by flow in nature—just as rivers and trees branch in predictable patterns based on pressures, so do people's minds, our organizations, and whole societies.


PNAS | June 27, 2018

Inner Workings: The Race to Patch the Human Heart

Featuring Nenad Bursac

Nenad Bursac is one of many researchers across the country working to repair damaged heart tissue after a heart attack through laboratory grown heart patches.


Wired | June 22, 2018

The Unavoidable Folly of Making Humans Train Self-Driving Cars

Featuring Missy Cummings

Missy Cummings describes research on how well humans can monitor autonomous vehicles over long periods of time. Spoiler alert - not well.