Media Hits

5/20 Communications of the ACM

A Quantum Leap in Factoring

Kenneth Brown comments on an algorithm for quantum computing that recently had its greatest theoretical advance in more than 25 years

5/14 Inside Higher Ed

Wreaking Havoc on Academic Publishing

Without changes, thousands of academic papers could be sent to chatbots as reviewers without the knowledge of the authors, Cynthia Rudin warns.

4/10 Arm Research Collaboration and Enablement

When Is a Brain Not a Brain?

Hai "Helen" Li describes her lab's interaction with Arm, which provides hardware and technical expertise to her lab to explore building computers modeled after the human brain

3/19 Pratt School of Engineering

2024 Survey: Generational Banking Trends

Jimmie Lenz contributes to insights from a survey about trends to how generations differ in everything from how they teach themselves financial lessons to how often they check their checking account balance