Media Hits

9/25 Resources Radio

New Social Science Perspectives on Solar Geoengineering

Tyler Felgenhauer talks about different technologies that can facilitate solar geoengineering, the risks and benefits of these technologies, how international cooperation could affect the deployment of solar geoengineering, and recent social science research on solar geoengineering.

9/13 Quanta

Physicists Observe ‘Unobservable’ Quantum Phase Transition

Experiments by ECE Professor Crystal Noel and others in the quantum sciences have proven there's a balance between measuring quantum states (and destroying entanglement) and preserving entanglement information in a network of entangled objects, leading to a tipping point where one wins out over the other.

9/13 Daily Advance

ARHS Hopes to ID Links Between Als, Algal Blooms

CEE Research Professor Lisa Satterwhite is working on a project with Albemarle Regional Health Services to investigate potential links between toxic blue-green algal blooms and threats to public health, in particular Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

8/28 CNBC

Amazon Will Soon Let You Pay for Groceries With Your Palm at Any Whole Foods—but Tech Experts Urge Caution

ECE/CS Professor Cynthia Rudin warns against using technology that stores your bioinformation such as a handprint or voice recognition because, "Those data sets can be used to control us anywhere in the world, including arresting us, or preventing us from entering stores that don’t want customers in our salary bracket, or who have political views that disagree with the owners of the venues.”