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Check out the latest media coverage of Duke engineering research and education.


Fortune | February 17, 2020

When Innovation Doesn't Equal Improvement

Featuring Dale Bass

BME Professor Cameron "Dale" Bass shows that helmets used by soldiers in the first World War were just as effective as modern combat helmets in protecting soldiers from overhead blasts.


Facebook Research | February 13, 2020

Announcing the Winners of the Systems for ML Research Awards

Featuring Lisa Wu Wills

ECE Professor Lisa Wu Wills nabs one of 10 Facebook Systems for Machine Learning research awards chosen from 167 proposals from more than 100 universities in 26 countries around the world.


North Carolina Biotechnology Center | February 13, 2020

NCBiotech Grant Boosts Duke Cancer Research and AI Health Initiative

Featuring Larry Carin

A grant from the North Carolina Biotechnology Center is purchasing digital imaging and AI technologies to support a new data science initiative called AI Health led by Larry Carin, Duke's vice president of research and the James L. Meriam Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering.


The Verge | February 12, 2020

We Still Can't Agree How To Regulate Self-Driving Cars

Featuring Missy Cummings

Amidst congressional fears that China may surpass America in self-driving car technology if restrictions on their public testing aren't removed, ECE Professor Missy Cummings suggests that even if the United States does currently have the edge, any self-driving car deployed by either country would currently fail spectacularly. 

Sports Illustrated | February 5, 2020

Former Duke Walk-Ons Win $50K From NFL For 3D Printing Breakthrough

Kevin Gehsmann (ME ’19), Clark Bulleit (BME ’19) and Tim Skapek (ME ’20) founded Protect3d, which uses 3D scans and 3D printing technology to create anatomically-precise protective devices, and won the NFL 1st and Future Innovation Challenge.


Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News | February 3, 2020

Building SynBio Platforms to Support Practical Apps

Featuring Lingchong You

BME Professor Lingchong You's platform that uses "swarmbots" to grow a certain amount of a biomolecule is featured in an article about living systems that produce smart materials and advance precision medicine.