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Check out the latest media coverage of Duke engineering research and education.


Fortune | September 23, 2022

How to Land a Cybersecurity Internship—and Why You Need to Start Looking Now

Featuring Jimmie Lenz

Jimmie Lenz helps explain how summer internships often turn into job offers from those businesses and organizations once students complete grad school.


Popular Mechanics | September 14, 2022

Want to Build the Perfect Bonfire? All You Need Is a Little Bit of Math

Featuring Adrien Bejan

MEMS Professor Adrian Bejan has some advice on how to mathematically build the perfect bonfire. 


WRAL | September 10, 2022

Duke team gets global attention for rainforest drone project

Featuring Martin Brooke


US Department of Energy | September 9, 2022

Uncovering the Atomic Mechanism Underpinning Heat Transport in Thermoelectric Materials

Featuring Olivier Delaire

MEMS Professor Olivier Delaire is using neutrons to reveal remarkable atomic behavior in thermoelectric materials for more efficient conversion of heat into electricity.


WHQR | September 9, 2022

New Company Looks to Destroy PFAS With Green Chemistry

Featuring Marc Deshusses

CEE Professor Marc Deshusses's startup company 374Water aims to use a tried and tested method to destroy PFAS and other contaminants at commercially viable volumes, using supercritical water.

Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation | September 8, 2022

Duke University Interns Share Their DTCC Experience

Through an exciting partnership with Duke University that promotes science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), DTCC recently hosted 21 summer interns from Duke’s Pratt School of Engineering. Two of the students, Kunyu Liu and Weichong Zhang, share their experience.


Forbes | September 7, 2022

Top 2023 IEEE Biomedical Engineering Awardee Professor Nimmi Ramanujam Shares Deep Insights

Featuring Nimmi Ramanujam

BME Professor Nimmi Ramanujam, the recipient of the highest award for outstanding contributions to biomedical engineering, shares her thoughts on the field and her research.


WRAL | August 29, 2022

Contaminants from Flooding in NC Hurricanes a Risk to Environment

Featuring Lee Ferguson


Mysterious Universe | August 19, 2022

The Strange World and Weird Science of Real Invisibility Suits

Featuring David Smith

An article depicting how metamaterial technology first developed by ECE Professor David Smith could someday lead to true invisibility suits.


Engineering and Technology | August 16, 2022

Lab-Made Gel That Outperforms Cartilage Paves Way for Next-Gen Knee Operations

Featuring Ken Gall

MEMS Professor Ken Gall works with campus collaborators on a gel-based cartilage substitute to relieve achy knees that’s even stronger and more durable than the real thing.