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Media Coverage

Check out the latest media coverage of Duke engineering research and education.


Scientific American | January 27, 2020

Rise of Robot Radiologists

Featuring Cynthia Rudin

CS/ECE Professor Cynthia Rudin advocates for more researchers to take the difficult undertaking of developing AI imaging programs from scratch to avoid black boxes.


The Wall Street Journal | January 24, 2020

Mathematics Pioneer Ingrid Daubechies Has More Barriers to Break

Featuring Ingrid Daubechies

Best known for her work on wavelets, ECE Professor Ingrid Daubechies wants to reduce the obstacles to women entering the sciences.


Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News | January 17, 2020

Learning to Speak Genome

Featuring Charles Gersbach

BME Professor Charles Gersbach describes how the combination of genome sequences from large populations of individuals combined with high-throughput CRISPR screens is going to transform how we understand our genome and how we take advantage of that to inform therapy.


Hindustan Times | January 15, 2020

Mumbai Needs to Handle Solid Waste Well to Make Air Less Toxic

Featuring Mike Bergin

ECE Professor Mike Bergin sits down for a Q&A about the challenges facing Mumbai's air quality and what the city can do to help combat its problems.


Nature | January 7, 2020

Quest to Use CRISPR Against Disease Gains Ground

Featuring Charles Gersbach

BME Professor Charles Gersbach helps describe the progress researchers are making in using CRISPR to treat human diseases.


ESPN | December 30, 2019

Mickey Mantle Cried After Strikeouts and 8 Other Surprising Things I Learned This Year

Featuring Henry Petroski

CEE Professor Henry Petroski confirms that former baseball pitcher "Toothpick Sam's" habit of actually chewing on a toothpick while pitching was quite dangerous, as toothpicks made in the 1950s were made in America and much stronger than their contemporary Chinese counterparts. 


Ars Technica | December 27, 2019

How AI Helps Unlock the Secrets of Old Master and Modernist Paintings

Featuring Ingrid Daubechies

ECE/CS Professor Ingrid Daubechies uses machine learning to help x-rays differentiate between paintings created on two sides of a single panel.


MedGadget | December 19, 2019

Bone Bandage Soaks up Adenosine Molecules to Repair Hard Tissue

Featuring Shyni Varghese

BME Professor Shyni Varghese demonstrates a bone bandage that accumulates pro-healing adenosine molecules to accelerate bone repair.


IEEE Technology and Society Magazine | December 10, 2019

Lethal Autonomous Weapons: meaningful Human Control or Meaningful Human Certification?

Featuring Missy Cummings

ECE Professor Missy Cummings makes the case that the discourse over the roles played by humans and computers in semi-autonomous weapons needs to be reframed.

WNCU The Measure of Everyday Life | December 2, 2019

Destigmatizing Women's Health

Featuring Libby Dotson

Libby Dotson, research associate at the Duke Center for Global Women's Health Technologies, talks about work to bring together medicine, engineering and the arts for an innovative campaign to encourage more public consideration of women’s health.