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Check out the latest media coverage of Duke engineering research and education.


Advanced Science News | July 20, 2018

Overcoming a Sticking Point for Bone Healing

Featuring Ken Gall

Ken Gall teams up with LaunchPad Medical to test their bone glue inspired by sandcastle worms on bones and other biomedical device materials in benchtop studies.

News and Observer | July 17, 2018

Have Duke Students Created World's Most Efficient Vehicle? They're Hoping for Guinness Record.

Featuring Nico Hotz

Nico Hotz and a group of Duke students used a prototype hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle to attempt to break the Guinness record for "world's most fuel-efficient."


Spectrum | July 12, 2018

Can a Computer Diagnose Autism?

Featuring Guillermo Sapiro

Guillermo Sapiro is one of a handful of researchers worldwide looking to gain more insights into and opportunities to spot early warning signs of autism through machine learning.

The News & Observer | July 9, 2018

You're Not a Fraud. This Summer Program Aims to Keep Women in Tech

Featuring Monica Jenkins

Now in it's third year, Duke's DTech Scholars Program supports women in ECE and computer science through their college years.


Quartz | July 2, 2018

Physics Can Explain Human Innovation and Enlightenment

Featuring Adrian Bejan

Adrian Bejan argues that human movement and social constructs are described by flow in nature—just as rivers and trees branch in predictable patterns based on pressures, so do people's minds, our organizations, and whole societies.


PNAS | June 27, 2018

Inner Workings: The Race to Patch the Human Heart

Featuring Nenad Bursac

Nenad Bursac is one of many researchers across the country working to repair damaged heart tissue after a heart attack through laboratory grown heart patches.


Financial Express | June 4, 2018

iPhone App Effective for Screening Toddlers with Autism, Says Study

Featuring Guillermo Sapiro

An iPhone app has shown to be effective and easy to use for screening young children with signs of autism, paving the way to broader, easier access to screening other neurodevelopmental disorders, according to Guillermo Sapiro. 


WNYC Science Friday | June 4, 2018

How Seafaring Scientists Are Mapping The Deep

Featuring Martin Brooke

Martin Brooke goes on WNYC's Science Friday to talk about Blue Devil Ocean Engineering - a group of students competing in the Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE.


Autoliv | May 24, 2018

Autoliv Board Approves Completion Spin-off

Featuring Missy Cummings

Autoliv, a worldwide leader in automotive safety systems, announced that Mary "Missy" Cummings will join the board of electronics segment spin-off company Veoneer, 


Medical News Today | May 23, 2018

Novel Gel Regrows Brain Tissue After Stroke

Featuring Tatiana Segura

Tatiana Segura creates a biogel that acts as a scaffolding for fresh neuronal and vascular growth in cavities caused by acute strokes.