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Digital Trends | March 1, 2021

Wearables Don’t Work the Same on Dark Skin. It’s Time to Change That

Featuring Jessilyn Dunn

BME Professor Jessilyn Dunn adds her expertise to an article discussing how well the wearable technology industry is addressing issues of accuracy of wrist-worn heart rate monitors with dark skin tones.


The New York Times | February 23, 2021

Engine Maker Under Scrutiny After Series of Aircraft Mishaps

Featuring Robert Kielb

MEMS Professor Robert Kielb comments on a recent string of failures in the fan blades of Pratt & Whitney airplane engines.


Discover Magazine | February 8, 2021

The Taj Mahal: Can India Save This Corroding Beauty?

Featuring Michael Bergin

CEE Professor Mike Bergin helps explain why India's Taj Mahol is browning over the years and what kinds of local efforts can be done to combat the issue.


Smithsonian Magazine | January 28, 2021

Can Smartwatches Be Adapted to Help Detect Covid-19 Infections?

Featuring Jessilyn Dunn


New Atlas | January 25, 2021

Exercise Drives Muscles to Fight Chronic Inflammation on Their Own

Featuring Nenad Bursac

BME Professor Nenad Bursac uses his lab-grown human muscle platform to show that muscle has an innate ability to ward off damaging effects of long-term inflammation when exercised


IEEE Spectrum | January 25, 2021

It’s Too Easy to Hide Bias in Deep-Learning Systems

Featuring Cynthia Rudin

ECE/CS Professor Cynthia Rudin argues that artificial intelligence makes it hard to tell when decision-making is biased


The Engineer | January 21, 2021

New Biomaterial Can Be ‘Fine-Tuned’ for Medical Applications

Featuring Matthew Becker

MEMS Professor Matthew Becker helps ‘fine tune’ a new thermoplastic biomaterial for suitable use in soft tissue repair or flexible bioelectronics.


Solve It! for Kids | January 21, 2021

Episode 36: How Can Cars Drive by Themselves?

Featuring Missy Cummings

ECE Professor Missy Cummings explains how robots work and how driverless cars can "see" the world around them.

MSN | January 14, 2021

8 Signs to Quickly Recognize If You Have the Gift of Leadership

Featuring Edward Marshall

MEMP Adjunct Professor Edward Marshall's new book provides a comprehensive guidebook to understanding a new theory of collaboration as well as how to implement it.


New Atlas | January 13, 2021

Painkiller-Dispensing Patch Could Be an Alternative to Opioids

Featuring Matthew Becker

MEMS Professor Matthew Becker develops a prototype polymer patch loaded with a non-opioid drug that blocks pain and inflammation enzymes and erodes slowly in wet environments, gradually releasing its pharmaceutical payload as it does so.