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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Community Committee

Building a diverse, equitable and inclusive community

We are a standing, representative body with several functions focused on the goal of building a diverse, equitable and inclusive community within Duke's Pratt School of Engineering.

This committee:

  • Recognizes the importance of diversity, equity and inclusivity to our community
  • Sees diversity, equity, inclusion and community as both processes and outcomes
  • Understands that changes must be customized to their community
  • Desires that we all commit to change together
  • Is dedicated to the idea that you are not alone—we are here for one another

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  • Provide ongoing revisions to the strategic plan for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) with measurable outcomes as a function of time with a rolling five-year plan
  • Help implement the strategic DEI plan
  • Assess the outcomes of the strategic DEI plan yearly
  • Support the efforts of the Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Engineering
  • Serve as a liaison among department chairs, other departmental leaders, school leadership and the entire community
  • Serve as a resource for communication between individuals and groups in the Pratt community and the Pratt administration
  • Support departments and other groups on actions and programs that build diversity, equity, inclusion, and community in the school


Nan Jokerst

Nan Jokerst

Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives

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Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for Engineering
(candidate search underway)

Subcommittee Members


  • Shani Daily (ECE)*
  • Henri Gavin (CEE)
  • Claudia Gunsch (CEE)
  • Cameron Kim (BME)
  • Edward Marshall (MEMP)
  • Guillermo Sapiro (ECE)
  • Tatiana Segura (BME)
  • Becky Simmons (MEMS)
  • Stefan Zauscher (MEMS)*


Staff and Post-Doctoral Researchers

  • Angus Bowers (Engineering Master's Programs)*
  • Ben Cooke (At-Large)
  • Angela Chanh (ECE)
  • Crystal Chapman (MEMS)*
  • Alexandria Da Ponte
    (Centers & Institutes)
  • Philip Duhart (Dean’s Office)
  • Sylvia Harris (BME)
  • Cherisa Williams (CEE)
  • Ian Williamson (BME Post-Doc)


Graduate Students

  • Hala El-Nahal (At-Large PhD, BME)*
  • Shreyas Hegde (MEMS PhD)
  • Vardhman Kumar (At-Large PhD, BME)
  • Hengming Li (ECE PhD)
  • Kierna Mason (Non-Departmental Master's)
  • Francisco Reveriano (ECE Master of Engineering)*
  • Celine Robinson (CEE PhD)
  • Cecilé Sadler (ECE MS)
  • Katrina Wilson (BME PhD)


Undergraduate Students

  • Alexandra Bussey (CEE)
  • Ava Ganeshan (MEMS)*
  • Adrian Lopez (ECE)
  • Mayari Merchant (BME)
  • James Seokgyu Hong (BME)*
  • Elijah Vail (MEMS)
  • Jamie Kay Wang (ECE)
  • Jamiee Williams (CEE)




  • Cameron Kim
  • Tatiana Segura
  • Sylvia Harris
  • Ian Williamson
  • Hala El-Nahal
  • Vardhman Kumar
  • Katrina Wilson
  • Mayari Merchant
  • James Seokgyu Hong


  • Henri Gavin
  • Claudia Gunsch
  • Cherisa Williams
  • Celine Robinson
  • Alexandra Bussey
  • Jamiee Williams


  • Shani Daily
  • Guillermo Sapiro
  • Angela Chanh
  • Hengming Li
  • Francisco Reveriano
  • Cecilé Sadler
  • Adrian Lopez
  • Jamie Kay Wang


  • Becky Simmons
  • Stefan Zauscher
  • Crystal Chapman
  • Shreyas Hegde
  • Ava Ganeshan
  • Elijah Vail

Dean’s Office

  • Angus Bowers
  • Ben Cooke
  • Alexandria Da Ponte
  • Philip Duhart
  • Edward Marshall
  • Kierna Mason

How the Committee Works

Executive Committee

  • Made up of the committee co-chairs, who meet twice each month
  • Meets at least once a semester with student affinity groups, including NSBE, SHPE, SWE and oSTEM
  • Meets with Engineering Faculty Council and Engineering Staff Council
  • Hosts a school-wide DEIC Town Hall once each semester


  • Representative of departments and units, and of the diversity of faculty, staff, post-docs and students
  • Meet twice each month
  • Members serve one to three years, with a six-year limit
  • 75 percent of effort focused on issues diversity, equity and inclusion; 25 percent on community-building

Department and Unit Liasions

  • Serve as resource and partners for information, activities and development of customized strategic plans
  • Meet at least twice each semester with department/unit leaders and student leadership