Diversity and Inclusion at Duke Engineering

Creating a Community of Excellence

"The more diverse our community, the greater the chances of our success as individuals and together as a team in tackling the grand challenges that face our world. At Duke Engineering, we are vested in the success of each member of our community, and committed to working together to build a welcoming, inclusive culture that allows each person to express themselves, explore new ideas and take risks in pursuit of excellence."

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Duke engineering students at commencement in Wallace Wade Stadium

The Pratt School of Engineering is committed to being a diverse community of people with ideas and approaches that make a difference locally, nationally and globally. 

At the core of our diversity philosophy is a belief that multicultural learning is truly an integral part of our personal, social and moral growth—as individuals and as a university. This is particularly true for engineers, who are charged with developing solutions, processes and products for all people. As a result, the Pratt School of Engineering at Duke University embraces the vision that diversity in the classroom and in the laboratory generates better learning outcomes, better citizens and better engineers. 

From an engineering standpoint, some of the most exciting work is being performed at the boundaries of traditional disciplines by teams of people from diverse academic, professional and social backgrounds.

Dean Bellamkonda on Diversity & Inclusion

Read an interview with Dean Ravi Bellamkonda on why diversity and inclusion are important for the Pratt School of Engineering.

In the videos below, Dean Bellamkonda explains why he feels U.S. immigration reform should not prevent foreign nationals from attending American universities and how universities can be important catalysts in helping society confront and overcome biases.

Our Commitment

The Pratt School of Engineering is committed to:

  • Building a secure, welcoming academic and social environment where each person can flourish
  • Increasing the enrollment of underrepresented minorities and women
  • Recruiting and retaining diverse faculty and staff
  • Providing all students, faculty and staff with the necessary support to succeed

Read Duke University's Statement of Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion.

Our Efforts

The Pratt School intentionally strives to cultivate opportunities for diverse research teams comprising faculty, students and staff who represent a wide array of backgrounds and experiences. Central to building diverse teams is promoting the inclusion of women and persons from traditionally underrepresented groups through a number of efforts.

Read more about the student resources Pratt and Duke offer to encourage greater diversity and inclusion.


Those efforts include our "Engineering a Community" mentoring program, which connects undergraduate students from historically underrepresented racial/ethnic backgrounds with engineering master's and PhD student mentors. The program provides a system of support and encouragement, and opportunities to connect and network with someone who has successfully navigated the path that a new student is about to undertake.

Pratt also sponsors the Duke Technology Scholars Program (DTech), which provides undergraduate women with one-on-one mentoring from industry professionals and an inspiring and unique summer internship experience with leading tech companies in Silicon Valley. The program is a partnership of our Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the Department of Computer Science in Duke's Trinity College of Arts & Sciences.

Engineering Deans Diversity Initiative logo

Engineering Deans Diversity Initiative

Duke Engineering is proud to be part of the American Society of Engineering Education’s Engineering Deans Diversity Initiative, a commitment to providing education experiences that are inclusive and prevent marginalization of any groups of people because of visible or invisible differences.

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