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Program Support

Experiential Education

Today, hands-on experience defines a Pratt education from Day One. Our first-year electrical and computer engineers, for instance, build autonomous robots that can sniff out bad food in a refrigerator or measure how much energy is being produced by solar panels on Duke’s SmartHome.

Our students have an appetite for project-based learning and service above and beyond their standard coursework. In fact, nearly 95 percent of our students have had an intensive research experience or industry internship, or have participated in one of our extracurricular programs before graduation.

Nearly 95 percent of our students participate in a research experience, internship, or extracurricular program before graduation

These experiences which include senior capstone and engineering design courses, as well as projects associated with DukEngage, Duke Engineers for International Development, the PhD Enhancement Program, Engineering World Health, Pratt Research Fellows, and DUHatch, an incubator for student businesses are all designed to provide meaningful ways for students to apply their technical knowledge and problem-solving skills in making a difference in the lives of others.

Private support for problem-focused programs like these can help stroke both the intellectual and entrepreneurial curiosity of our students. 

  • Your gift of $100,000 or more can endow support for innovative educational offerings that provide entrepreneurial guidance as well as hands-on experiences that have come to define a Duke engineering education.

Stipends and Internships

Experience is often the best teacher. That’s why the focus of coursework at Pratt is hands-on and applied—and why we encourage our undergraduates and professional master’s students to take advantage of many opportunities outside the classroom.

Internships, research projects, and other immersions bring our students face-to-face with real-world challenges and help them develop the skills they’ll need to be successful in their chosen fields. Unfortunately, many of the most valuable research or internship opportunities—particularly those with startup companies or nonprofits—are unpaid, making them an impossible choice for students who can’t afford to cover their living expenses.

Stipends put learning experiences within reach

Stipends help put these learning experiences within reach and provides students with the chance to put their passions and knowledge to work. At the doctoral level, research stipends and support for professional development are critical as well. Such funds can support attendance at professional conferences, cover travel to connect students with researchers at other sites, or enable students to spend their summers focusing intensely on their projects.

Private support for stipends can give students at all levels the chance to dive into some of the most intensely rewarding projects and experiences of their time at Pratt—projects that will also set our students apart as they compete for professional opportunities early in their careers.

  • Your gift of $100,000 or more can establish an endowment that can deeply enrich the education of students at all levels, providing stipends that enable them to pursue research, internships, and professional development opportunities.