In your very first year at Duke, you receive instruction in real-world design—through our first-year design course, EGR 101L

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The First Year

Welcome to your first year as a Duke Engineer!

Duke Engineering's signature educational experience prepares you to be an engineer who is inspired & equipped to solve complex societal problems. We will make you a confident creator ready to reshape the world.

Your first year at Duke Engineering includes:

Course Layout

Assuming no AP or IPC credit See Note 1

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

  • Mathematics 112L
  • Physics 151L
  • Technical Course See Note 5
  • Engineering 103L or Writing 101 See Note 3


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1. If You Have AP or IPC Credit

Students with credit for:

Students without AP Computer science credit should take EGR 103L Computational Methods.

Email for assistance interpreting such credit as it pertains to course selection.

2. Chemistry Placement

  • Students without AP Chemistry credit should enroll in CHEM 101DL
  • Students who plan to major in Civil Engineering (CE), Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), Environmental Engineering (EnvE) or Mechanical Engineering (ME) have satisfied the chemistry requirement with a score of 4 or 5 on the AP Chemistry exam
  • Students who plan to major in Biomedical Engineering (BME), and received an AP Chemistry exam:
    • Score of 5—Should enroll in CHEM 201DL
    • Score of 4—Should enroll in CHEM 101DL or CHEM 110DL

See chemistry placement guidelines »

Contact for guidance on appropriate chemistry placement.

3. All students must take EGR 101L and a Digital Computation Course

All engineering students must take:

  • EGR 101L Engineering Design and Communication in the fall or spring semester
  • A Digital Computation course. See Note 1 for information about which course to select to satisfy this requirement

4. Fall Writing 101

  • Students assigned to Fall Writing 101 should enroll in a writing section
  • Students not assigned to Fall Writing 101 should enroll in EGR 103L. See Note 3 for more

5. Suggested First-Year Technical Courses

The technical course in your first spring semester should be selected according to your intended major, if known:

  • Undecided—Biology 201L or one of the classes listed below
  • Biomedical Engineering—Biology 201L
  • Civil Engineering—CEE 132L
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering—ECE 110L
  • Environmental Engineering—CEE 132L
  • Mechanical Engineering—EGR 121L

Your Academic Dean

For the Class of 2024, deans are assigned alphabetically by student's last name




Dean Ben Cooke

Dean Carmen Rawls

Dean Lupita

Ben Cooke Carmen Rawls Lupita Temiquel-McMillian