An advising session between faculty advisor and Duke engineering student.

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Undergraduate Advising

First, the Nuts and Bolts

Students register for the subsequent academic semester using the web-based DukeHub system.

Prior to registering using DukeHub, students are to meet in person with their designated academic advisor to discuss their academic plan, and to obtain the clearance necessary to log into DukeHub.

Steps for this procedure are:

  1. Approximately two weeks prior to each registration period, students are sent information pertaining to registration by the academic deans of the Pratt School. Advisors are also provided with electronic access to Undergraduate Advisement Reports and will provide registration clearance for each of their advisees.
  2. At the time the student receives information about advising, they should immediately contact their academic advisor to request an advising appointment. Such contact should occur AT LEAST ONE WEEK PRIOR to the student's registration window—students should NOT wait for their advisor to contact them, but should be proactive in setting up these appointments.
  3. At some point before the student's advising window, the student and advisor meet to discuss the planned schedule for the student, as well as other related career and curricular plans. Students are encouraged to come to this meeting with a draft of their intended schedules, and with any pertinent questions. Students will not receive registration clearance from their faculty advisor without an appointment, and should not request such clearance via email.
  4. In the event that a student is unable to contact their advisor (making sure to give him or her a full week's notice before the advising window), that student should consult the departmental Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) for academic advice. Some professors may also designate other faculty colleagues to see their advisees should they be out of town, or otherwise unavailable during the advising period.
  5. After obtaining registration clearance from the academic advisor, a designated faculty substitute, or the DUS, the student registers during his or her registration window using DukeHub.

Note: Students must meet and plan their curriculum with their assigned faculty advisor. Before scheduling an appointment with the Pratt academic deans, students should first meet with their faculty advisor or the departmental DUS to try and resolve the problem.

What Should You Plan For?

First-Year Planning

The first year of study in the Pratt School of Engineering is largely common to all engineers.

Sophomore Through Senior Year Planning

After the freshman year, recommended curricula become more discipline-specific, and are outlined on the following pages for the sophomore through senior years.

Biomedical Engineering Major

Civil Engineering Major

Electrical & Computer Engineering Major

Environmental Engineering Major

Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science major

Undergraduate Research Fellows Planning

All juniors are eligible for applying to the Pratt Undergraduate Research Fellows, the Duke NAE Grand Challenge Scholars or Duke Smart Home Fellows programs. Each program has a different emphasis, and each curriculum includes independent study courses. Selected courses in other areas of Duke may be included.  

Planning for Study Abroad

Students who want to participate in the Study Abroad program develop an academic plan with their advisor several semesters prior to the semester during which the student plans to study abroad. In the semester prior to study abroad, the student submits a request to study abroad to their department's Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS).

This plan includes the courses the student will take and the remaining courses to be taken after return to Duke. Approval of courses for the study abroad program is the same as that used for all transfer credit and involves a determination of equivalent content for Duke courses and approval by the DUS of the department offering similar courses at Duke.

Review programs at the Duke Global Education for Undergraduates website. There are several programs available where students can take engineering courses in languages other than English, as well as general education courses.

Phi Beta Kappa Planning

Engineers at Duke may be eligible for initiation to Phi Beta Kappa based on their academic standing, adherence to University policy, and breadth of coursework taken at Duke.

Interested students should contact Associate Professor of the Practice, Michael Gustafson, for more information.