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Undergraduate Certificates at Duke

Undergraduate certificates enhance your degree by spanning multiple engineering disciplines

Architectural modelsArchitectural Engineering

Undergraduate students learn about the planning, design, construction, and operation of commercial, industrial and institutional structures.

Duke's architectural engineering courses get students out of the classroom and on-site at construction work happening on and near the Duke campus. More information »

Wind tunnel imageAerospace Engineering

Focused undergraduate certificate work on the conceptualization, design, analysis, and performance of aerospace systems.

Rigorous and in-depth exposure to scientific and engineering fundamentals in the broad set of core disciplines. More information »

Environmental engineersEnergy and the Environment

Provides engineering undergraduates with an understanding of the breadth of issues confronting society related to its need for clean, affordable and reliable energy.

Co-sponsored by Duke's Pratt School of Engineering and Nicholas School for the Environment. Offered through The Gendell Center at Duke University. More information »

For students interested in the technical aspects of energy engineering, Duke also offers a Minor in Energy Engineering »

Global development engineeringGlobal Development Engineering

Courses for this undergraduate engineering certificate includes technical subjects as well as culture and language, ethics, public policy, and economics.

In addition to course work, students get real-world experience, implementing a designed solution in the United States or abroad. More information »

materials science and engineeringMaterials Science & Engineering

Learn the scientific and engineering principles related to the fundamental structures, properties and technological applications of materials.

Expert faculty teach from multiple disciplines. In addition to technical training, also learn about the role of technology in science, public policy and the economy. More information »

Other Opportunities

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Designed specially to provide cross-disciplinary study complementary to any major. The certificate requires an in-depth course of study examining the theories of innovation and entrepreneurship, coupled with hands-on practice in both areas. 

More about the I&E certificate »

Trinity College of Arts & Sciences

Engineering students may also pursue certificates offered through Duke's Trinity College of Arts & Sciences.

Browse certificate programs in Arts & Sciences »

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