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Dave Chatterjee Profile Photo
Dave Chatterjee Profile Photo


Dave Chatterjee, Ph.D. is a tenured professor in the Management Information Systems (MIS) department at the Terry College of Business, The University of Georgia (UGA). As a  Duke University Visiting Scholar, Dr. Chatterjee has taught Cybersecurity 521, Cybersecurity Program Development, Operations, and Analysis in the Master of Engineering in Cybersecurity Program at the Pratt School of Engineering.

Dr. Chatterjee’s interest and expertise lie in the various facets of information technology management – from technology sense-making to implementation and change management, data governance, internal controls, information security, and performance measurement. His current focus is on cybersecurity and enterprise digitization. Dr. Chatterjee’s work has been published in prestigious outlets such as The Wall Street JournalMIT Sloan Management Review, I by IMDCalifornia Management ReviewBusiness HorizonsMIS Quarterly, and Journal of Management Information Systems. Dr. Chatterjee’s research has been sponsored by industry and cited over two thousand times. His highly endorsed book Cybersecurity Readiness: A Holistic and High-Performance Approach was published by SAGE Publishing in March 2021.

Dr. Chatterjee has been appointed (effective January 2023) Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce, a Taylor & Francis international peer-reviewed research publication. He was honored (in February 2022) with the Smart Cities and Critical Infrastructure Security Professional (SCCISP) credential from the IoT Security Institute.

Dr. Chatterjee delivers talks worldwide; moderates CXO panel discussions; conducts corporate training, workshops, and webinars; and provides consulting and advisory services. He has appeared in radio and TV interviews and is often quoted by news media on significant technology-related developments. He has served on the corporate and community leadership board of a prestigious cybersecurity network of Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and a CISO SWAT team.

Dr. Chatterjee is also the host of the Cybersecurity Readiness Podcast Series. The purpose of the podcast series is to have a reflective, thought-provoking, and jargon-free discussion on how to enhance the level of cybersecurity readiness at an individual, organizational, and national level. The overall goal is to socialize the cybersecurity conversation and make it mainstream. The guests appearing on the different episodes are subject matter experts, business and technology leaders, educators, and members of user communities. The podcast series is in its second year and (as of Dec 21, 2022) has produced 41 episodes with over 4500 downloads and has listeners in 75 countries.

Here are links to published episodes:

#41 -- Do you see what attackers see? Threat modeling done right -- Guest: Marcos Lira, Lead Solutions Engineer at Halo Security

#40 -- Implementing Phishing Resistant Multi Factor Authentication -- Guest: George Gerchow, Chief Security Officer and Senior Vice President of IT, Sumo Logic

#39 -- How do SMBs protect themselves from ransomware attacks? -- Guest: Grayson Milbourne, Security Intelligence Director at OpenText Security Solutions

#38 -- Cybersecurity As A Strategic Opportunity -- Guest: Kal Sambhangi, Senior Vice President, Cybersecurity Strategy and Architecture at Truist

#37 -- Comprehensive Asset Discovery -- Guest:  Huxley Barbee, Security Evangelist at runZero and former Cybersecurity Practice Lead at Cisco

#36 -- Is Cybersecurity A Moving Target at Academic Institutions? -- Guest: Tej Patel, Vice President, and CIO at Stevens Institute of Technology

#35 -- Securely Migrating to the Cloud -- Guest: Keith Weller, former Vice President, Enterprise Technology Services, American Cancer Society (ACS)

#34 -- Detecting Malicious Insider Threats by Monitoring User Journeys -- Guest: Doron Hendler, CEO, and Co-Founder at RevealSecurity 

#33 -- Skilling Up for Security Operations Center Roles -- Guest: James Risler, Senior Manager, Cisco Learning and Certification

#32 -- Bridging the Gap Between Intentions and Practicality in Cybersecurity -- Guest: Daniela Almeida Lourenco, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Tinka

#31 -- Preparing for the Future of Device Management -- Guest: Mike McNeill, CEO, Fleet Device Management

#30 -- The State of Attack Surface Management -- Guest: David Monnier, Team Cymru Fellow

#29 -- Global Security and Post Breach Management Best Practices -- Guest: Tim Callahan, Senior Vice President and Global Chief Information Security Officer, Aflac


#28 -- How to Tackle Burnout in Cybersecurity -- Guest: Thomas Kinsella, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer at Tines

#27 -- Actionable Threat Intelligence and the Dark Web -- Guest: Victoria Kivilevich, Director of Threat Research at KELA Group

#26 -- Reducing the Disconnect Between Security and Development Teams -- Guest:  Harshil Parikh, CEO and Co-Founder Tromzo

#25 -- Perspectives of a Global Chief Information Security Officer -- Guest: Vishal Salvi, CISO & Head of Cyber Practice at Infosys

#24 -- Thinking Like A Hacker -- Guest: Ted Harrington, Executive Partner at Independent Security Evaluators

#23 -- Is Cybersecurity Regulatory Compliance Good Enough? -- Guest: Dixon Wright, Vice President, Vice President, Compliance Management and Automation Platform, Coalfire

#22 -- Is Cyber Insurance Necessary? -- Guest: Erica Davis, Erica Davis, Global Co-Head of Cyber, Guy Carpenter & Co

#21 -- Dealing with Cyber Trauma -- Guest: Patrick Wheeler, a Luxembourg-based cybersecurity practitioner and Director of the Cyber Wayfinder Program

#20 -- A Deep Dive into Ransomware Attacks and Negotiations -- Guest: Art Ehuan, Vice President, Palo Alto Networks, and Former FBI Special Agent

#19 -- Making Cybersecurity Communication Effective -- Guest: Marcin Ganclerz, Cybersecurity Awareness & Training Expert

#18 -- Securing the Smart Supply Chain -- Guest: Alan Mihalic, President IoT Security Institute

#17 -- Reducing the Carbon Footprint -- Guest: Andy Bates, Chief Development and Strategic Partnership Officer, Global Cyber Alliance

#16 -- Role of Emotional Intelligence in Creating a Healthy Information Security Culture -- Guest: Nadja El Fertasi, Human Readiness and Resilience Expert and former NATO senior executive

#15 -- Significance of the Human Element in Cybersecurity -- Guest: Prof. Missy Cummings, Pratt School of Engineering, Duke University

#14 -- Enhancing Organizational Readiness by Simulating Cyber Attacks -- Guest: Prof. Robert Austin, Ivey Business School, London, Ontario, Canada

#13 -- Cybersecurity is Patient Safety -- Guest: Stoddard Mannikin, Chief Information Security Officer, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

#12 -- Ignorance is not bliss: A Whole-of-Enterprise Approach to Threat Management -- Guest: Anne Leslie, Threat Management Consultant, IBM Security

#11 -- Fly the Plane: A CIO's Approach to Cybersecurity Readiness -- Guest: Dr. Timothy Chester, Vice President of Information Technology, The University of Georgia

#10 -- Passwordless Authentication: Myths and Realities -- Guest: Ori Eisen, Founder, and CEO of Trusona

#9 -- Cybersecurity Risk Reduction Tips for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) -- Guest: Mike Benz, Partner | Fractional CIO at Fortium Partners

#8 -- What Does Good Cyber Governance Look Like? A Legal Perspective -- Guest: Rois Ni Thuama, Ph.D. (Doctor of Law), Head of Cyber Governance, Red Sift


#7 -- Multidisciplinary and Integrative Approach to Cybersecurity Education -- Guest: Dr. Jimmie Lenz, Dir. Master of Engineering in FinTech and Master of Engineering in Cybersecurity at Duke University's Pratt School of Engineering

#6 -- Holistic Approach to Cybersecurity Readiness -- Guest: Ram R. Kumar, Executive Director, AT&T Business

#5 -- Being An Effective Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) -- Guest: Richard Biever, Chief Information Security Officer, Duke University

#4 -- The Human Vulnerability Factor -- Guest: Jenny Radcliffe, also known as “The People Hacker,” a world-renowned Social Engineer

#3 -- Going Above and Beyond the Mandated Checklist -- Guest: Tushar Sachdev, Executive Vice President, and Chief Technology Officer, KORE Wireless

#2 -- Protecting Academic Institutions from Ransomware and Other Forms of Attacks -- Guest: Garry Scobie, Deputy Chief Information Security Officer, The University of Edinburgh

#1 -- Role of Top Management in Cybersecurity Governance -- Guest: Rohit Verma, CEO of Crawford and Company

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  • M.B.A. East Carolina University, 1992
  • Ph.D. Florida State University, 1997
  • ,, 1970
  • ,, 1988


  • Adjunct Associate Professor in the Engineering Graduate and Professional Programs

Awards, Honors, and Distinctions

  • UGA Career Center Recognition. Director, UGA Career Center. 2019
  • Recognition of Foreign Experts. Vice Director, Department of Foreign Experts Affairs, Zhejiang Province, China,. 2019
  • Chair and Speaker, AI and Machine Learning in Future Network. BIT's 6th Annual World Congress. 2019
  • UGAu2019s 2018 Teaching Academy Academic Affairs Faculty Symposium. Teaching Academy, The University of Georgia. 2018
  • Outstanding Alumni Recognition Award. St. Xavier's College, Kolkata, India. 2017
  • Outstanding Alumni Recognition Award. Birla High School. 2017
  • UGA Vice Provost's Recognition of PRACS Committee Work. Office of The Vice Provost, The University of Georgia. 2017
  • Provost's Recognition for supporting Center for Undergraduate Research. Provost, The University of Georgia. 2017
  • Judge, Georgia CIO of the Year Award . Georgia CIO Leadership Association. 2015
  • Nomination to UGA Senior Teaching Fellow Award. Department of Management Information Systems, UGA . 2013
  • Co-Chairman, SIMposium 2010, SIM International Conference, . Society for Information Management. 2010
  • Innovative Teaching Recognition, Terry College Alumni magazine in 2009. Terry College of Business, The University of Georgia. 2009
  • Society for Information Management Leader of the Year Award Finalist, 2009. Society for Information Management. 2009
  • Outstanding Exec MBA Professor of the Year. Terry College of Business, The University of Georgia. 2007
  • Outstanding Teaching Faculty Honoree. The University of Georgia. 2007
  • Alpha Kappa Psi, MIS Teacher of the Year Award. Alpha Kappa Psi. 2002

Courses Taught

  • CYBERSEC 521: Cybersecurity Program Development, Operations & Analysis