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There’s an old adage that you get out of an endeavor whatever you put in. But just as important as the inputs and outputs is the slash between them—the planning, the infrastructure, the programs, the relationships. We hope the content within this magazine helps you not only discover a little more about Duke Engineering, but also ideas and inspiration that make your own slashes a bit bigger.

The XPRIZE Pressure Cooker

A Duke-led team of engineers and conservationists race to beat the clock in the semifinals of a $10M competition to sample rainforest biodiversity.



Could Quantum Give Us the Generative AI We’re Looking For?

Quantum computing and artificial intelligence (AI) might seem as distant from each other as New York and Los Angeles. But according to Duke Quantum Center (DQC) director Chris Monroe, the two subjects are practically next-door neighbors.

Sometimes in Microbial Life, Size Matters

The multi-institutional PreMiEr Engineering Research Center will rely on three life-sized test beds to examine how microbial communities affect human health in the places people live, work and play.



It’s Easier Being Green

How a collaboration spanning departments and institutions brought clarity to the mystery of glassfrog transparency.

Palm tree blows in hurricane winds

Help from Our Friends

Duke Engineering leaned heavily on its alumni and industry contacts to design a new master’s program in climate and sustainability engineering.

Composition by Lacey Chylack

Building a Program’s International Brand in an Emerging Field

Thoughtfully filling scholarly gaps in the FinTech industry’s global events calendar is building Duke’s reputation in the growing field.

Angel Investors Illustration

Investing in University Spinouts

After a white-hot investing market in 2020 and 2021, the past two years have been tougher for many startups looking to raise new capital. Getting that all-important infusion of cash is especially crucial for the earliest-stage companies, like startups spinning out of universities.


Bridge in Eswatini built by DEID.

Building Bridges with Communities, Not for Them

Students constructing a 122-meter footbridge in Eswatini benefit from the work just as much as those who will use it on a daily basis.

Machine learning, artificial intelligence. Robot studying in the classroom in school. Generative AI

Adapting to AI in the Classroom

How Duke Engineering faculty are working to effectively—and thoughtfully—use generative AI tools.

When It Comes to Outreach, It’s in the Community

Two emerging programs at Duke provide valuable lessons on how to build experiences for a diverse set of local students to help expand the STEM pipeline.

DC Illustration Joanne Park

Making a Positive Mark on Capitol Hill

Maintaining a physical presence in Washington, D.C. for over a decade, Duke in DC offers insights into the importance of faculty spending time engaging with policy makers.

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