Welcome to the Neighborhood

12/9/21 Duke CEE Magazine

The new 150,000-square-foot Wilkinson Building was designed for sustainable collaboration

Exterior of Wilkinson Building with Duke Chapel in background
Welcome to the Neighborhood

The second floor of Duke Engineering’s new Wilkinson Building houses the Environment research neighborhood. Learn more about the engineers who now call this space home. 

Faculty Labs

Wilkinson 226: Claudia Gunsch

Claudia Gunsch’s lab works to characterize and engineer environmental microbiomes–investigating ballast water microbiomes and exploring correlations between microbial adaptation and evolution stemming from exposure to contaminants, for example. (CEE/School of the Environment/BME)

Wilkinson 228: Michael Bergin

Michael Bergin researches the influence of air pollution on both climate and human health. Currently, Bergin is working to develop and deploy low-cost air quality sensor networks in partnership with governmental and private sector partners. (CEE)

Wilkinson 229: Marc Deshusses

Marc Deshusses designs and applies solutions for the remediation of contaminated air, water, sediments and soils, anaerobic digestion and sanitation technologies for developing countries. (CEE)

Wilkinson 230: Mark Wiesner

Mark Wiesner is one of the world’s foremost authorities on the environmental transport and fate of nanomaterials and directs the Center for Environmental Implications of Nanotechnology (CEINT). (CEE/School of the Environment)

Wilkinson 231: Andrew Jones, III

Andrew Jones, III focuses on understanding how these bacterial biofilms form and how they can be safely and effectively dissolved in order to expand access to safe, clean water. (CEE)

Wilkinson 232: Lee Ferguson

Lee Ferguson’s lab uses high-performance mass spectrometry to detect, identify and quantify emerging contaminants—including “forever chemicals” like GenX— in wastewater and drinking water. (CEE/School of the Environment)

Wilkinson 236: Heileen Hsu-Kim

Heileen Hsu-Kim is currently investigating the environmental impacts of small-scale gold mining in the Amazon, examining the impacts of coal ash disposal on water quality, and exploring ways to recover valuable materials from geological wastes. (CEE/School of the Environment)