Media Hits

6/12/22 HiPEAC Blog

Machine Learning Should Consider Vertical Integration

HiPEAC 2022 keynote speaker Hai "Helen" Li is the Clare Boothe Luce Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering at Duke. HiPEAC Blog caught up with Li in advance of the HiPEAC conference to delve into the fascinating—and now ubiquitous—topic of machine learning.

6/8/22 Carnegie Climate Governance Initiative (C2G) Blog

Would Solar Radiation Modification Increase or Decrease Overall Risk?

Duke risk engineers write that a key consideration in deciding whether to pursue solar radiation modification (SRM) to offset global warming should be a comparison of the extent of climate risk that the technology is able to reduce against the severity of any countervailing risks that it may engender.

6/8/22 SustainabilityNext

A New Paradigm for the Water and Sanitation Crisis

Clean-tech has enormous potential to shift the waste management paradigm from treatment and disposal to resource recovery and pollutant elimination, writes Duke Engineering's Marc Deshusses.

6/6/22 Boston 25 News

Manhole Explosions Add Chaos to Morning Rush

ECE/CS Professor Cynthia Rudin explains why New York City might have been a special case in being able to predict which manhole covers were in danger of exploding after an incident in Boston.

6/2/22 Communicating with FINESSE

Translational Engineering: Academics and Careers

The civil engineer who is part of efforts to integrate ethics training into Duke's engineering curriculum writes that entrepreneurial engineering introduces the student to the marketplace. It makes the engineering student think outside of the typical physics comfort zone. Whether the engineering student realizes it, the marketplace is an important context, since engineers often do all the hard work and provide the intellectual firepower for a design.

5/25/22 Association for Computing Machinery

People of ACM – Yiran Chen

A Q&A about the field of memory and storage systems with Yiran Chen from the Association for Computing Machinery.