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Graduate Student Programs & Services

Duke Engineering is committed to creating an exceptional student experiencefrom initial inquiry to career launch

Facts & Figures

15+ staff members providing support services to Duke Engineering graduate students

Top 25 Graduate engineering school in the U.S.

8 of 10 recent graduates started work or further education within 6 months of graduation

Bronze Award—American Society for Engineering Education Diversity Recognition Award

Master's Admissions & Recruiting (A&R)

Our Master’s Admissions team will guide you through the admissions process from start to finish, helping you explore your options, create your strongest application through events and workshops, and guide you through the admission and enrollment process.

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Paige Anderson and Susan Brown

What people are saying about A&R

Diggaj Vyas

“One of the key reasons I chose Duke was the Admissions Team. All of the webinars they organized were super informative. A&R’s work instilled my faith in the Duke community and gave me the confidence to join Duke. I am a proud and happy Blue Devil now.”

—Diggaj Vyas, MEM

Cecile Sadler

“Being a part of the Student Ambassador program has greatly shaped my experience as a master’s student. I meet and collaborate with master’s students across Pratt. Our unified goal is showcasing Duke student spirit, ingenuity, and community.”

—Cecile Sadler, ECE

Career Services & Professional Development (CSPD)

CSPD works with graduate students to support their preparation for success in the workplace. We provide on-demand resources, one-on-one coaching, peer-to-peer supports, and a professional development workshop program designed to meet the specific needs of Duke Engineering master’s students.


the Career Services & Professional Development team meets the Duke Blue Devil

What people are saying about Career Services

Ravi Prakash

“The Career Services team went out of their way to actively manage the Online Career Center (OCC) on MS Teams, were responsive on chats, and rescheduled their work times to be available for students all across the globe and to assist them.”

—Ravi Prakash, MEMS

Katie Wu

“The Career Services team has been an essential resource. Jenny, Cameo, and Erin have devoted a generous time and energy to reviewing my cover letters and resume. They're easily accessible for meetings, and are always responsive via MS Teams. It's also clear that they're interested in getting to know me outside of the professional sphere.”

—Katie Wu, MEM

Feng Hu

“Career Services played a significant role in my career development journey. The advising sessions and interview practice helped me land an optimal job offer.”

—Feng Hu, ECE

What people are saying about Professional Development

Carly Davey

“It is often hard to find time to learn and master the non-technical skills typically learned outside the classroom. The integration of professional workshops into our master’s studies curriculum has molded me into a better, more well-rounded candidate for both the workforce and life in general.”

—Carly Davey, MEM

Pratik Rath

“Professional Development workshops have helped me establish a great work-life balance. My workshop experiences have made me more aware of myself and my career goals. They are one of the most valuable resources available to master’s students. ”

—Pratik Rath, MEM

Graduate Communications & Intercultural Programs (GCIP)

GCIP works with students to strengthen their written, oral and intercultural communications skills through workshops, one-on-one consulting, and collaboration with Duke Engineering professors and departments. GCIP also works with some international students to provide English language support through semester-long courses.

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What people are saying about GCIP

Yueying Yang

“In the Graduate Communications Center, we can rehearse presentations, revise academic writing, or have a casual chat to relieve the stress of graduate school life. GCIP’s professional coaching has helped me better survive and engage in the American classroom and community.”

—Yueying Yang, ECE

Yunzhe Jia

“SnackChat provides a unique way to share life experiences and great ideas. Having a place to discuss and share our feelings is really important to our mental health as well.”

—Yunzhe Jia, ECE

Dean Hering

“Students receive outstanding guidance on writing and narrative skills that they will be able to use for the rest of their careers.  The fabulous GCIP staff exemplify to students how to be professional—how to work with others, handle difficult situations, be candid, present yourself, and other skills that are absolutely crucial to future success.”

—Dean Hering, Adjunct Associate Professor

Student Engagement & Support (SES)

SES fosters engagement with students across all Duke Engineering master’s Programs by creating community-building opportunities, like the Engineering Master’s Student Council (EMSC), that complement the academic experience. Together with our Duke-wide partners, we also support overall student wellness—we have the resources, information, and referrals on hand to support the wide range of our student's personal needs.


students take a walk on the Al Buehler Cross Country Trail

What people are saying about SES

Bidisha Nandi

“Koru Mindfulness taught me many ways to handle stress or other problems as a graduate student in day-to-day life! Sometimes if I was feeling sleepy during class, I would try the chicken breathing technique, which definitely wakes you up.”

—Bidisha Nandi, BME

Ruoyu Chen and Smokey

“During my first year at Duke, I took five courses per semester. This heavy workload was stressful. When Smokey [the dog] showed up, sitting next to him helped me to release the pressure I felt.”

—Ruoyu Chen, CEE

Arlette Geller

“The Engineering Master’s Student Council wants students to round out their journey at Duke by learning about different cultures, perspectives, and backgrounds across all the different disciplines. The EMSC provides students with space outside the academic environment to build long-term relationships, be there for each other, and build a master's student family.”

—Arlette Geller, BME

PhD Plus Professional Development Program

PhD Plus enables Duke Engineering doctoral students to prepare for, select, and succeed on their career paths through acquiring skills, mastering core competencies, and exploring opportunities.

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Four students stand with certificates