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Fall 2019 TechConnect

Wednesday, January 22, 2020 | 10:30 a.m.-3 p.m. | Penn Pavilion

Participating Companies

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  • 6 River Systems
  • Amazon
  • Ambarella
  • Appian
  • ARCO/Murray
  • athenahealth
  • Boston Scientific
  • Capital One
  • Cree Lighting
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Duolingo
  • Epic
  • Esri
  • Fidelity Investments
  • Foreign Affairs Information Technology Fellowship Program
  • Galatea Associates
  • Getinge
  • GM
  • Grifols
  • GSK
  • Honda
  • Infinia ML
  • Informed, Inc
  • IXL Learning
  • Key Tech
  • Kitware
  • Kohler
  • KPMG
  • Live Oak Bank
  • Maximus
  • Mi-Corporation
  • Microsoft
  • NetApp
  • Optum
  • Oracle Product Engineering
  • Oracle Associate Solutions Engineering
  • Parsons Cyber
  • Plexus
  • Restaurant Brands International
  • Schlumberger
  • Southwest Research Institute
  • Stryker
  • Tempel
  • Tumult Labs
  • University Temporary Services with NC State University and UNC-Chapel Hill
  • Whiting-Turner

Company Recruiting Focus

Company Intern or FT? Sponsorship Skills Why Duke?
6 River Systems FT Yes Problem-solving, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, robotics engineering We want more Duke alumni!
Amazon Both Yes Experience in one of the following languages: Java, Python, C++, or C
Ability to effectively articulate technical challenges and solutions
Enthusiastic and creative students who are builders with a curiosity to learn, a ‘can-do’ attitude, and strong ownership to independently execute projects end to end
Connect high-caliber Duke students with Amazonians to share what we do, and get students excited about building a future with us!
Ambarella Both Yes Software Programming (C/C++/Python), Deep Learning/Neural Network training and optimization, and Computer Architecture We have a history of hiring good students from the EE/CS program in both a full and part-time basis  
Appian FT No Team players who take feedback and act on it and who are excited to be at a mid-size company!  We recruit at Duke because of the high caliber of students combined with the high ranking of the engineering and business programs. 
ARCO/Murray Both Yes civil/environmental/mechanical engineering  
athenahealth Both Yes Web Development, Software Engineering As a Duke alum, I know the quality and potential of Duke students. Athenahealth is growing rapidly and we are recruiting top talent to help us reach our goal of creating a thriving ecosystem that delivers accessible, high-quality, and sustainable healthcare for all. We believe Duke has the right people to staff our highly-skilled, fast-paced engineering teams.
Boston Scientific Both No Electrical, Mechanical, and Biomedical Engineers.  Strong technical and interpersonal skills and the ability to interact with physicians in the clinical setting are essential.  Successful candidates will be comfortable and effective working in the hospital EP lab, the manufacturing floor, and the engineering test lab.   We are also recruiting for program management positions We are recruiting at Duke because the Duke student body represents a large pool of qualified candidates from diverse backgrounds
Capital One Interns No We are looking for problem solvers, critical thinkers, and exceptional communicators We recognize the outstanding caliber of students at Duke and love connecting students with our opportunities. We also work to develop long term relationships with students to help them feel best equipped to go through the recruiting process
Cree Lighting Both Varies We are looking for passionate individuals who are willing to learn, think creatively, problem solve and provide innovative solutions  One of the top schools in the nation with talented students
Deutsche Bank Both Yes a. Computer Science, coding, and developer profiles DB has recruited many great interns and grads from Duke in the past and would like to continue to see this happen
Duolingo Both Yes We are looking for students that are excited to work in a quickly growing startup environment, ready to help innovate and scale the organization from day one. We are primarily looking for students with a strong technical background in software engineering, but we are also hiring for a number of other roles as well.  CEO and Co-Founder, Luis Von Ahn, is a Duke alum! As we have grown as a company, we have had the privilege of hiring many Duke graduates, and they consistently shine through as some of the most innovative and collaborative members of our community 
Esri Both Yes Results Oriented, Collaborative, Integrity Past success with hiring 
Fidelity Investments Both No    
Foreign Affairs Information Technology Fellowship Program FT No Information Integration & Analysis, Cultural Adaptability, Initiative & Leadership, Oral/ Written Communication, Objectivity/Integrity To find a diverse, driven, intelligent, and team-oriented group of ethical leaders in order to aid the U.S. Department of State in their mission to attract top tech talent to the Foreign Service that reflects the diversity of the United States
Galatea Associates        
Getinge  Both No past internship experience  to expand our network of interns
GM FT No Mechanical, Electrical, and Software Engineers for our full-time postings We recruit at Duke because of the caliber of students (intellectual and personality-wise) coming out of the University, their passion and drive to conquer difficult challenges, and their willingness to pursue innovative solutions to unconventional problems
Grifols Both Yes EE, ME, BME in addition to hard sciences & research, quality & validation To broaden awareness of who we are in our local area. We are a global company with a history of leadership in the development, production & delivery of plasma-derived therapies. 
GSK Both No Candidates who are organized, self-confident, proactive, conscientious, adaptability, analytical, team orientated, resilient, high learning agility and align with GSK values of  patient focus, transparency, respect, integrity, courage, accountability, development, teamwork GSK recruits at Duke due to its track record of producing top talent and its proximity to the local GSK sites.  Duke is a great source of the high caliber of students to fill jobs we offer in all Early Talent Programs and because of the top academic programs offered by Duke.
Honda Both Yes Jr and Sr Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, prefer Aerospace certificate; previous internship experience a plus, and strong academic performance in UG program A fantastic local academic institution that has a reputable engineering program
Infinia ML Both Yes We look for teammates who are naturally curious, constantly innovating, and excited to tackle what others think is impossible We're a Duke spinout from the lab of Professor Larry Carin. We're happy to give back to / draw talent from the community!
Informed, Inc FT Yes Machine learning experience having worked on document classification, entity extraction, and entity comparison problems. Computer vision experience is also great. Duke offers the +DS program which is relevant to our industry. As a Duke alumn, I feel connected to the university and want to give upcoming grads the opportunity to translate their passion into meaningful industry change.
IXL Learning Both Yes technical excellence, strong communication skills, and a passion for education and self-improvement We recruit at Duke first due to the caliber of students and eventual employees it produces.  Secondly, we have an office in Raleigh and it would be great to have a strong relationship with such a great school nearby.
Key Tech FT No Exceptional technical skills  We have found the programs at Duke to be a good fit for our electrical engineering positions
Kohler Interns Varies  Engineering confidence, willingness to work independently as well as in a group, dedication, sense of ownership in role, basic MS Office skills, demonstrated strong mechanical aptitude, attention to detail, ability to focus on business priorities Duke provides access to talented students who demonstrate skills, abilities and competencies that Kohler is looking for
KPMG FT No Familiarity or experience in a quantitative discipline, exposure to working in teams outside classroom settings to deliver on business-driven analytics projects, ability to apply artificial intelligence techniques to achieve business goals, eagerness and drive to continuously learn and enhance skillsets, strong presentation and communication skills – both to a technical and less technical audience  The strong reputation and high performance of Duke’s students and alumni.  We hope to partner with Duke students as they move from college to the professional world, for mutual and long-lasting innovation, growth and success  
Live Oak Bank Both No Willingness to learn our company culture and values  Looking to expand our talent pool as well as a brand within NC
Maximus Both No Creativity, Attention to Detail, Flexibility/Adaptability, Teamwork, Collaborative Duke Engineering students possess both the technical and soft (necessary) skills needed to strive in the ever-changing workplace allowing MAXIMUS to deliver innovative and productive solutions to our clients
Mi-Corporation Both Yes Intellectual Curiosity in so far as being open to learning new things and becoming the best at them. Then being willing to take ownership of your work and have pride in accomplishment and supporting what you’ve created We’ve had a lot of success with very smart people from Duke and want to continue to do so
Microsoft Both Yes Experience – past or current internships or jobs that display experience with languages, working in teams, and delivering results. Technical expertise – experience with lower-level and object-oriented languages. Passion – personal projects students have worked on or groups they are a part to pair skills with an interest Duke has some of the most talented students I interact with as a recruiter. They’re easily gifted but also passionate. We enjoy connecting with the students. While we’re fortunate to hire some, our more broad engagement in important conversations about our company, technologies, and industry, and how we can progress forward, is why we keep coming back
NetApp Both Yes Eagerness to learn, Passionate about innovation, critical thinking and problem solving NetApp recruits at Duke to engage with students that have a strong aptitude within STEM fields but are also strong communicators with a desire to make a change in the tech industry 
NVIDIA Both Yes The ability to work independently and finish tasks 100% Duke has been a great source of employees; intelligent, well-trained and hard-working
Optum Both No We’re looking for students with strong technical aptitude with a heavy emphasis on software development/engineering.   The candidates should show strong analytical skills yet have a tendency to be creative, eager and versatile.  We’re also a collaborative environment, therefore candidates should be cooperative and willing to work on teams We have found that Duke University has one of the strongest Computer Science/Engineering programs in our local area and in the nation.  Students are always well-prepared and have backgrounds that match well with our needs.  The courses that they’re engaged in teach them the skills that greatly transfer to the needs of our internship programs as well as our full-time opportunities
Oracle Both Yes Any skills coming from a Computer Science or related field of study We look for the brightest students coming from high-quality programs
Oracle ASE FT No Engineering, Technical, Communication We find strong candidates at Duke
Parsons Cyber Both No Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Cyber Strong Engineering program 
Plexus Interns No Communications Skills, having an idea of a career path, Being Self Aware  To network and brand at a local school 
Restaurant Brands International Both No Strong academic record; Tech or Data Analytics Background; Juniors/Seniors/MBAs; Strong Work Ethic; Performance-Focused; Strong Ownership Mentality; Excellent interpersonal, communication, leadership, and motivational skills; Fun; Solid analytical and problem-solving skills; Proficiency in coding; Hungry, Humble, and Hardworking RBI has designed a Leadership Development Program specifically geared towards Tech, Engineering and Data Science. we are looking for students who are dynamic, inventive, entrepreneurial, bold, big thinkers, and never afraid to take risks to join our new Engineering Leadership Development Programs (Full-Time and Internship) and our Data Science Internship. We strongly believe that Duke has some of the best students to make this dream a reality
Schlumberger Both No Engineering  
Southwest Research Institute Both No Passion for innovation, giving back to humanity, being challenged and seeking out new R&D opportunities, work in a collaborative lab/hands-on environment,  support their fellow engineers and computer scientists, pursue research to benefit the world, creative problem solving To identify engineering and computer science students who will align with our mission to benefit humankind through innovative science and technology. 
Stryker Both No Software and Electrical Engineering Love the balance between technical and team skills students get at Duke
Tempel Summer intern No Communication, Time Management, Adaptability, Initiative, Research and Analysis Recruiting for top specialized interns for our program. Great to start a partnership with Duke university
Tumult Labs Both Yes BS or MS in Computer Science (or a closely related discipline) along with the ability to learn continuously and work independently.
-Experience with Python (especially data science stack)
-Experience with Spark, SQL, and relational databases                              -Experience with one or more statistical programming languages (R, SAS, Stata)
-Experience with secure coding practices and secure systems development
-Experience with web application development and front-end interface design
-Experience with Unix/Linux
Tumult Labs is a startup out of Duke University and is based in Durham. We are looking for highly motivated and technically strong 
University Temporary Services with NCSU & UNC-CH Temp hires No We are looking for a variety of temporary positions from Administrative, Accounting, IT, Graphic Design, Project Planning, Research, Medical positions and more We would like to create a partnership with Duke and attract a wide range of diverse talent across the Triangle
Whiting-Turner Both No Communication skills, Strong Work Ethic, Hungry to Learn, Civil / Mechanical / Electrical Engineers with passion for construction To find bright young men and women in engineering who have a passion for construction and construction management