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Sponsored Research

Duke University has a long history of successful research partnerships and a reputation of working with industry to apply research outcomes and products to address real world problems. Working with individual researchers, departments, centers, and institutes, our partners gain access to ng research in the area of biophotonics, ultrasound imaging, compressive imaging, aerodynamics and aeroelasticity, microfluidics, computer architecture and performance integrity, applied signal processing, micro and nano device design and fabrication, applied metamaterials, nonlinear and computational mechanics, and environmental science and bioremediation.

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Market Driven Research (MDR)

Market Driven Research is a low cost, rapidly implemented subcomponent of sponsored research that is closely aligned with the strategic plans of our industry partners. These collaborations have short time horizons and are structured to reflect business oriented milestones, controls and reporting. Unlike sponsored research, these agreements rarely generate intellectual property, but ideally lead to a large sponsored research agreement where IP and technology transfer is negotiated.   

Sponsored Research Agreements (SRAs) govern funded research, including Market Driven Research. These agreements are negotiated by the Office of Research Support and are required when a company provides funding to the University for a Specific Project and the company expects intellectual property rights or reports from the research. As a service to our partners, the Pratt Corporate and Industry Relations Office assists with the these negotiations.