Duke Engineering students and faculty are ready to work with industry and alumni.

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Connect With Students

Connect. Collaborate. Innovate.

Duke Engineering students and faculty are ready to work with industry and alumni to generate productive solutions for today and to meet the challenges of the future.

Recruiting: Key Dates & Events

Hold an Information Session

Time for informal networking after the presentation is typically allowed.

  • Use the online Handshake tool to schedule your information session
  • Wait for your confirmation from the Career Center before reserving a venue
  • Reserve a venue for your session
  • Inform the Career Center of your venue confirmation

Give a Tech Talk or Guest Lecture

Tech-talks and guest lectures are a great addition or alternative to the standard info session.

Contact Kirsten Shaw to discuss your options.

Connect With Student Organizations

Student clubs and organizations are always looking for opportunities to connect with industry.

Get more details on how to connect with Duke Engineering student organizations by contacting Kirsten Shaw.

Digital Ads and Coffee Chats

e-Flyers and Digital Display Ads

Advertise your engineering-related event on Pratt's digital display screens! Submit your advertisement »

Coffee Chats

We all know that some of the best connections are made during the “coffee breaks” at a meeting. So why not add this to your campus activities? Please contact kristen.shaw@duke.edu for more information about scheduling a coffee chat with a student organization or group.

TechConnect and Career Fairs


TechConnect, Duke’s engineering and tech networking fair, is hosted by Duke's Pratt School of Engineering and the Department of Computer Science, with support from the Career Center. The event connects students and employers, many of whom are Duke alumni, for networking and education in a dynamic virtual networking environment on the Handshake event platform. 

NOTE for fall 2022: If public health guidance allows, we hope to offer some on-campus and in-person networking opportunities in fall 2022.

Duke Career Fair

Duke University's annual Career Fair attracts companies across all industries including, but not limited to: business, technology, engineering, education, and government. The Career Fair provides a great opportunity for employers, students, and Career Center staff to meet and discuss your organization, career opportunities, and effective recruiting strategies. By participating in the fair, your organization will gain exposure to graduate and undergraduate students across all majors.

Senior Capstone Design & Competitions

Senior projects focus on the synthesis and application of the basic science, mathematics, engineering and design skills taught in earlier courses. Called ‘Capstone’ courses, these culminating design classes give students a rigorously challenging, real-world, immersive engineering experience. If your organization is interested in running a competition (coding, product, design,) please contact our office for more information on how to sponsor one of these exciting courses or host a competition!

Faculty Connections 

Connections with recognized leaders in research are paramount for most industry sectors.

To review research specific areas in Duke Engineering, visit our research page and read some of our research news. For more information on how to connect with Duke engineering faculty, please contact our office.