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Development, Alumni Affairs & Corporate Relations Team

Jim Ruth

Jim Ruth '01

Senior Associate Dean and Director of Development

Jim graduated as a mechanical engineer from the Pratt School of Engineering in 2001 and loved Duke Engineering so much that he returned. Jim focuses his time on strategic direction for the development team and works closely with the dean and faculty leaders across the school on key initiatives. He traveled extensively in his previous major gift role for Pratt and now manages principal gift efforts and major gift activity in Southern California.

Judge Carr

Robert "Judge" Carr '71

Senior Associate Dean for Development and Alumni Affairs

A 1971 Duke civil engineering graduate, Judge is an institution in and of himself on the Duke Engineering development team. His commitment to personalized attention for all those who have given back to the school and his knowledge of the broad Pratt alumni base has been the driving success behind Duke Engineering's fundraising efforts for decades. Judge is primarily responsible for driving ambition and success in the Annual Fund as well as principal and major gift fundraising rooted in relationships with alumni that cross generations.

Malinda Whitson

Malinda Whitson

Senior Philanthropic Advisor & Director of the Pratt Parents Program

Malinda joined the Duke Engineering development team in September 2017 after nearly 10 years as the senior regional development director for Duke in the Bay Area of California. Malinda was inspired to join the Pratt School of Engineering by seeing all the impactful and inspiring research being done by faculty and the profound ability of Pratt students to impact society in meaningful ways. Malinda travels extensively and supports major gift activities across the country with focus on San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, Atlanta, and Washington.

Philip Duhart

J. Philip Duhart

Associate Director of Major Gifts

Philip arrived at Duke Engineering in June 2019. He had previously worked in various roles around the Duke campus since 2006, ranging from working and living in the residence halls to developing campus leadership programs to re-engaging alumni in the philanthropic life of the university. He’s excited about the opportunity to utilize these experiences in support of our strategic vision. Philip travels in support of major gift activities in New York, Chicago, Texas, Philadelphia, North Carolina and Colorado.

Kirsten Shaw

Kirsten Shaw

Director of Corporate Relations

Kirsten coordinates industry relations with a focus on student internships and faculty connections. The successes of our TechConnect and StartupConnect events are largely to her great work. She is always available to help support any corporate or industry relations questions for both faculty and students.

Jonathan Owens

Jonathan Owens

Director of Business Development and Industry Partnerships

Jonathan joined our team in summer 2022. His focus is on expanding authentic and beneficial external relationships between Duke Engineering and partners in the public and private sectors.

Pam Hanson

Pamela Hanson

Director, Annual Fund

Pam knows everyone and everything in development. She leads our efforts in the Annual Fund but also plays a lead role in donor stewardship and advancement services and leads the Engineering Alumni Council. Her warmth and energy help define the Duke Engineering development team.

Kim Davis

Kimberly Davis

Project Coordinator

Kim’s official role is to support efforts to sustain and grow the success of the Annual Fund, and she plays a key role in supporting the Engineering Alumni Council and Board of Visitors. Her unofficial role is to keep Judge, Jim, and Pam on task and in line.

Tarina Argese

Tarina Argese

Development Assistant

Tarina joined the team in spring 2022. She is a former public school teacher with experience in New York and North Carolina. At Duke Engineering, she provides support to three development directors and works cooperatively with the entire Development & Alumni Affairs Team.