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WIN Empowerment Fund

Making direct and positive impacts in the lives of our students

Financial aid doesn't typically cover the expenses students face when they make their first big career step—including applying to graduate school and entering the job market.

WIN Empowerment Fund makes direct and positive impacts on the lives of financial-aid-receiving students by helping meet those expenses—such as graduate exam and application fees, and professional attire.

The fund was created through the generosity of the Pratt School of Engineering group within the Duke Women's Impact Network (WIN), whose mission is to encourage leadership and philanthropy among women, and the Friends of WIN.

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What the Fund Covers

We help eligible students meet expenses such as:

  • Professional attire for interviews
  • Graduate exam preparation materials and courses
  • Graduate exam fees
  • Graduate, professional and medical school application fees
  • Travel for:
    • Interviews
    • Research conference presentations
    • Networking with employers and graduate schools at qualified professional society meetings

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Apply to the Fund


Applications may be submitted by any undergraduate student at Duke who is:

  • Studying engineering, and
  • Of junior or senior standing, and
  • Receiving financial aid

Important Notes

  • Students with the highest financial need, as determined by Duke's Karsh Office of Undergraduate Financial Support, will receive priority
  • The WIN Empowerment fund provides support for needs remaining after available discounts and fee waivers
  • Assistance is limited to a career maximum of $1,000 per student

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With your gift, the WIN Empowerment Fund at the Pratt School of Engineering can continue to relieve these students of costs not covered by their financial aid. Click below to give securely:

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