Duke Engineers for International Development with partners on a newly-constructed bridge in Rwanda

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Above: Duke Engineering students worked with community partners to build this bridge in Rwanda.

The important problems of the contemporary world exceed the scope of any single discipline. Health challenges require the understanding of medical diagnosis, management economics, cultural differences and ethical values. Dealing with global climate issues requires a mix of expertise including physical and biological sciences, engineering, business, policy and law.

Making a Difference in the Lives of Others

One of the primary goals of Duke's strategic plan is to deepen engagement in education by undergraduate and graduate students–in part through outreach and service learning. Duke's plan seeks to empower students at the undergraduate, graduate and professional levels to integrate knowledge across their classes and into their own lives, and then make a difference in the lives of others. This Knowledge in the Service of Society movement encompasses investment in innovative approaches to how we teach students and how they learn in classrooms, laboratories and other settings, both on and off campus. Simultaneously, the plan recognizes Duke’s responsibility to apply the knowledge and creativity of its faculty and students to major public challenges such as improving health care, fighting poverty and protecting the environment.

Building community–and self-Confidence

Duke's Pratt School of Engineering sponsors a wide range of service learning opportunities for Duke students, and educational outreach programs for students from K-12 through the undergraduate level in collaboration with local/regional involvement and national programs. For undergraduate non-Duke student opportunities, explore our summer REU programs.

At the college level, these programs offer challenging opportunities for intensive civic engagement experiences that combine engineering with service to society. Research oriented opportunities allow undergraduates from colleges and universities across the nation to spend the summer researching at Duke. 

Many of our outreach efforts include programs aimed at helping populations underrepresented in engineering and the sciences--women, students with disabilities, and minority students–build confidence that they can succeed and fulfill their career dreams by providing role models and enriching educational and research experiences.

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