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The image shows a small fluorescent protein that emits and absorbs light that penetrates deep into biological tissue. Here, it indicates inflammation in a living mouse liver. The inset shows the molecular and chemical structure of the protein, miRFP718nano. Featured

December 05, 2022

Small Glowing Protein Allows Researchers to Peer Deeper Into Living Tissues

Proteins that emit longer wavelengths of near-infrared light help create detailed, hi-res biomedical images

A watch showing the heart rate

October 10, 2022

Smartwatches Can Help Guide COVID-19 Testing

Data from smartwatches can help identify people with likely COVID-19 infections, enabling physicians to catch more cases with fewer tests

Purple and green squiggly branches that look like colorful plant roots

October 04, 2022

Randles Wins NIH Director’s Pioneer Award to Predict Heart Disease Risks

Open-ended, $3.5 million award will help tie complex models of blood flow to simple heartbeat measurements through AI

Schematic showing vagus nerve

October 03, 2022

Collaborative Team of Neural Engineers Receive SPARC Grant to Map Body's "Super Highway"

NIH awards $15.75M to research team led by Case Western Reserve University and Duke University to map the vagus nerve

Cynthia Rudin

September 29, 2022 | Duke Magazine

Beyond AI's Black Box

Duke professor of electrical and computer engineering Cynthia Rudin studies artificial intelligence to help us live better lives

image of a transit bus from ‘The Source – LA Metro’

September 28, 2022 |

Boosting Transit Ridership – $2 at a Time

Bhargav Shetgaonkar, a student in Duke's AI for Product Innovation master's degree program, describes research suggesting that small cash incentives may induce more people to ride public buses and trains

NASA image of Hurricane Florence

September 28, 2022

Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is here. Here’s what you should know about flooding, floodwater contaminants, and those baffling spaghetti models

A large, busy room with many tables and people sitting and working

September 27, 2022

Harnessing Data for Materials Through Collaboration

Joint NRT Symposium Chicago 2022 saw aiM trainees and project leaders combine for a three-university collaborative event

A man's headshot in front of a stone wall (left) and a book cover for the book Force (right)

September 27, 2022

Petroski Pens Book on Forces at Play in Everyday Life

Force: What it Means to Push and Pull, Slip and Grip, Start and Stop is Petroski’s 20th book about science and engineering written for a general audience

Squiggly black and white lines like a maze

September 23, 2022

An AI Message Decoder Based on Bacterial Growth Patterns

New encryption method uses simulated bacterial growth based on specific initial conditions to form patterns corresponding to letters

Duke students at a party

September 22, 2022

Four Questions with Grace Beason

Grace Beason is the event coordinator in the Dean’s Office. At the events Grace creates, faculty, staff and students come together to build community