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The image shows the vasculature of the brain, and the colors illuminate how capillaries experience varying levels of oxygenation as the brain undergoes hypoxia. Featured

May 18, 2022

Using Light and Sound to Reveal Rapid Brain Activity in Unprecedented Detail

Duke researchers use a combination of hardware innovations and machine learning algorithms to create the fastest photoacoustic imaging tool available

Cynthia Toth, left, and Joe Izatt of Duke University

May 19, 2022 | Duke Eye Center

Physician-Engineer Collaborators Talk Team Science at Major Ophthalmic Conference

Duke Opthalmologist Cynthia Toth and Biomedical Engineer Joseph Izatt told the ARVO 2022 audience about how their 20 years of intense teamwork across multiple disciplines has positively impacted ophthalmic research

man and woman at conference discussing research while woman points at poster

May 18, 2022

Triangle Soft Matter Workshop Reunites Materials Researchers in Person

The symposium drew 180 from Duke, NC State and UNC-Chapel Hill to discuss polymers, biomaterials and more

Rachel Bangle

May 18, 2022

Duke ECE Postdoc Wins Beckman Fellowship

Rachel Bangle will study the potential for nanoplasmonic metamaterials to enable solar energy storage

Lisa Burton O'Toole headshot with HearstLab logo

May 17, 2022

Lisa Burton O’Toole: 2021 Distinguished Young Alumni Award

Lisa Burton O'Toole provides investment and resources for early-stage, women-led startups across media, data, health care and technology

Leslie Voorhees Means headshot with Anomalie logo

May 17, 2022

Leslie Voorhees Means: 2020 Distinguished Young Alumni Award

Leslie Voorhees Means is the co-founder and CEO of Anomalie, the first direct-to-consumer wedding dress company

Andrew Waterman headshot with SiFive logo

May 17, 2022

Andrew Waterman: 2022 Distinguished Young Alumni Award

Andrew Waterman is chief engineer at SiFive, where he designs high-performance microprocessors

George Truskey

May 17, 2022

George Truskey: 2020 Distinguished Service Award

George Truskey has been at Duke for nearly three and a half decades serving in a wide variety of roles

Adrienne Stiff-Roberts

May 17, 2022

Adrienne Stiff-Roberts: 2021 Distinguished Service Award

Adrienne Stiff-Roberts's impact over nearly 20 years can be felt throughout every corner of the school and even into the surrounding community

Nick Naclerio headshot with Illumina Ventures logo

May 17, 2022

Nick Naclerio: 2022 Distinguished Alumni Award

Nicholas Naclerio develops and commercializes innovative technologies in semiconductors, genomics and health care

Linda Franzoni

May 17, 2022

Linda Franzoni: 2022 Alumni Distinguished Service Award

During nearly 25 years at Duke, Linda Franzoni has served in many capacities for many organizations ranging from student groups to international boards