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Remote Teaching Resources for Pratt Faculty

What You Need to Know

Delivering courses and seminars online during the Spring 2020 term

The information below is provided to assist Duke Engineering faculty in delivering courses and seminars online to provide instructional continuity during the Spring 2020 term, in alignment with university policies related to the prevention of COVID-19.

Recommended Approach for Faculty

To support Duke's fully remote teaching requirement, faculty can use two core tools—Zoom and Sakai—to:

  • Host synchronous (live) classes via the Zoom video-conferencing platform at the current day/time
  • Record all class sessions via Zoom for asynchronous access/availability for review
  • Record asynchronous classes or content via Zoom
  • Share course materials and collect assignments via a Sakai course site, if you aren’t doing so already
  • Conduct asynchronous discussions via Sakai forums
  • Integrate Zoom and Sakai to centralize access to class sessions and simplify the management of links to the recordings
  • Deliver examinations online using the Sakai Tests & Quizzes tool
  • Host office hours through Zoom

Zoom Quick Start Guide

Sakai Basics

Note: If you are already delivering your course online and have access to systems/tools that will work for you, please feel free to continue in the same manner. Think about how you can use the Zoom platform to support live course interaction.

Teaching Resources & Support

General Technology Questions

Contact the Duke OIT Helpdesk or (919) 684-2200

Duke University Teaching Resources

Duke Engineering Questions

Contact the Pratt IT Help Desk at or 919-660-5400

You can also contact:

Curricular Questions

Contact your department's Director of Graduate Studies, Director of Master's Studies, or Director of Undergraduate Studies

Not Sure Where to Go for Help?

Contact La Tondra Murray, Director of Online Education:

Resource Links

Faculty Course Readiness Checklist

Steps you can take to prepare in advance of Duke University’s transition to online course delivery on March 23:   

  • Complete the Duke Engineering Faculty Readiness Survey  (optional)
  • Login to your Duke Zoom account to confirm access if you haven’t already done so
  • Review the Keep Teaching @ Duke website for online teaching best practices; this is a dynamic resource that will be updated regularly, so check often.
  • Review your syllabus and develop a plan for completion of your course
  • Test the Zoom platform to make sure that you can schedule, start and record your sessions
  • Explore advanced Zoom features (e.g. chat, polls, breakout rooms, transcripts, Sakai integration, etc.) to determine what will best meet your needs
  • Communicate with your students in advance to share instructions and outline expectations as required to resume classes during the week of March 23