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Important Reminders for the Pratt Community

Dear Pratt community, 

With a wintry start to the new semester, please remember to follow these important COVID safety precautions on campus, especially when you are inside.

  • You are expected to wear a mask at all times when you are in public spaces, including all Pratt facilities. Wearing a mask or face covering is a primary condition of the Duke Compact, and one of the most important steps you can take to protect yourself and others around you. See the latest masking guidance from Duke.
  • Avoid eating or drinking inside Pratt facilities. To limit potential spread of COVID-19, we ask that you return to your dorm room/apartment or go outside if you need to unmask to eat or drink. We understand there may be times this is not possible due to weather (rain) or scheduling (not enough time between classes). In these cases--which should be the exception and not the rule--make sure you are following Duke’s safety protocols by removing your mask only if you are a) alone in a confined room, such as a personal office or b) actively eating or drinking, while at least 6 feet away from others and facing away from them (put your mask back on as soon as you finish).
  • Please do not move furniture; many rooms have purposefully placed or assigned seating to facilitate social distancing.
  • Do not exceed maximum occupancy for a given room. See the COVID-specific occupancy guidelines posted on or near the door. Extra chairs have been removed from many rooms to reflect maximum occupancy; again, do not move furniture from one room to another.
  • Socially-distanced study spaces have been established in a few Pratt locations including the Fitzpatrick Center atrium, lobby outside Schiciano auditorium and Wilkinson Building Learning Commons, for students to use when waiting between classes. All safety guidelines must be followed, and students are encouraged to leave the buildings when they have finished classes for the day.
  • In-person gatherings other than scheduled classes and approved student activities are limited to 10 persons, with at least 6 feet between them. All attendees must remain masked, and neither food nor beverages consumed. 
  • Conference rooms are not available within the Pratt School at this time. Any allowed meetings should take place within designated large-capacity classrooms, one of which will be made available in each building (Hudson, Teer, Fitzpatrick and Wilkinson). To reserve a space, email 
  • Virtual meetings are still encouraged whenever feasible, and all in-person meetings require an alternative attendance option. The host must provide all attendees a Zoom link to be able to join the meeting virtually, and no one should be expected to attend in person if they are not comfortable doing so.
  •  No in-person public events are currently permitted on the Duke campus. This includes performances, concerts, lectures, reunions, alumni and development programs, conferences, symposia, tours, board meetings and any other event to which individuals who are not Duke students, faculty or staff would be invited or expected to attend.

Please visit for more information, and contact Pratt Facilities if you have questions or concerns:

Thank you for doing your part to keep Duke safe and healthy.


Claudia Gunsch
Associate Dean for Research & Infrastructure

Mitchell Vann
Director of Facilities