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A red circular dish with pockets of mold and bacteria growing in different places

January 29, 2020

One Quarter Of Bacterial Pathogens Can Spread Antibiotic Resistance Directly To Peers

Antibiotics do not affect the speed at which pathogens share resistance genes

A series of images of thin, almost transparent lines in black and white, which are retinal scans created with OCT

January 28, 2020

Artificial Intelligence Predicts Treatment Outcome for Diabetes-Related Vision Loss

New algorithm poised to help doctors individualize treatment for diabetic macular edema

PhD student Enakshi Sunassee images a fluorescent specimen by using optical technology that was developed by the Center for Global Women's Health Technologies. All photos by Les Todd

January 24, 2020

Women's Health: It's Personal for Nimmi Ramanujam

Through her roles as both a mentor and engineer, Nimmi Ramanujam gauges success by determining how she can change the status quo and push the boundaries of biomedical engineering

Adrian Bejan (left) stands in front of a brick building with pillars. His new book cover is on the right.

January 21, 2020

Freedom and Evolution: Hierarchy in Nature, Society and Science

Adrian Bejan has written his third book intended for a general audience centered on his concept of the constructal law

A freeze frame of molten rock oozing between two discs of rock being squeezed and rotated against one another

January 17, 2020

‘Melting Rock’ Models Predict Mechanical Origins of Earthquakes

New model accurately predicts why and how friction drops as rocks slide past one another with greater speed and undergo a phase change

magnetic tweezers setup

January 15, 2020

Exploring Tiny Forces with Single Molecule Force Spectroscopy

Stretching molecules and pulling them apart reveals volumes about the way they function

A pixelated swirling pattern of orange and purple

January 09, 2020

Machine Learning Shapes Microwaves for a Computer’s Eyes

Hardware and software tweak microwave patterns to discover the most efficient way to identify objects

artist rendition of microbiology in action inside a cell

January 02, 2020

Duke Researchers Garner Over $6 Million in NIH Funding to Fight Genetic Diseases

Collaborative work using CRISPR genome editing to address the burden of genetic neuromuscular diseases flourishes across Duke

Image of particulate matter taken with scanning electron microscope

December 23, 2019

Portraits of Particulate Matter

Images taken at Duke’s Shared Materials Instrumentation Facility may shed light for improved solar panel efficiency

Man in black-and-white hat

December 23, 2019

Detecting Backdoor Attacks on Artificial Neural Networks

Duke team learns to identify the hidden triggers hackers plant to poison data

The scissor-lift safety device design team with their prototype across the street from where Skanska is construction Duke's newest engineering building.

December 18, 2019

Duke First-Year Designers Get a Lift from Skanska

The company constructing Duke’s newest engineering building challenged engineering students to solve a tricky safety problem