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Grill Elected to IAMBE College of Fellows

Distinction recognizes outstanding contributions to the profession of medical and biological engineering

Warren Grill, the Edmund T. Pratt, Jr. School Distinguished Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Duke University, has been elected to the 2022 Class of Fellows of the International Academy of Medical and Biological Engineering (IAMBE).

IAMBE is made up of fellows who are recognized for their outstanding contributions to the profession of medical and biological engineering at an international level. Fellows are nominated and elected by existing members of the academy.

Grill’s work involves using various types of electrical stimulation to restore organ function, treat movement disorders and relieve pain. For example, his lab has designed novel electrodes and waveforms to precisely stimulate the nervous system, and they have explored new ways to stimulate the spinal cord to treat chronic pain.

Grill has also investigated the effect different patterns have on the efficacy of deep brain stimulation for treating motor symptoms caused by Parkinson’s disease. To enhance this work, his team developed a method for using light-based deep brain stimulation to better understand how the therapy works. In addition to this work the Grill team showed that vagus nerve stimulation can reduce inflammation and restore cognitive function after injury or surgery, and that certain types of nerve stimulation can also restore bladder function.

“I am honored that our contributions to research, education and training, and translation were recognized by the leaders in our profession,” said Grill. 

The 2022 class of IAMBE fellows will be inducted during the IAMBE annual meeting in Singapore.