Research and Independent Study

Research Programs

There are several programs within Pratt that give undergrads research opportunities while earning credit. Each program offers distinct opportunities.

  • Pratt Undergraduate Research Fellows - Three semesters of independent study, plus summer research.
  • Grand Challenge Scholars Program - Flexible curriculum focused on a societal grand challenge. Includes research, courses outside of engineering, and training/experience in entrepreneurship, and both a global and service learning component.
  • Duke Smart Home Fellows - One or more semester of independent study focused on smart technology and/or sustainable living.
  • At Pratt and across Duke, Bass Connections brings faculty and students together as interdisciplinary research teams to explore big questions about major societal challenges. Most teams last for two semesters; some have a summer component.

Independent Study

Undergraduate students can conduct intensive, hands-on research for academic credit by taking independent study courses (See department courses: BMECEEECEMEMS). Independent study can qualify you for Graduation with Departmental Distinction. And, with some planning, these courses can be a part of several of our signature research programs described below.

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Independent Study + You Pick the Faculty

If you decide not to pursue one of the research programs above--or just want more flexibility for your independent study--explore the research interests of Pratt's engineering faculty. With the right match of interests, you can work with faculty from any department--not just faculty from your department/major. 

Or you can look at campus-wide research, internship or job opportunities. DukeList includes listings of on-campus research (paid and unpaid) and leadership opportunities for students, as well as on-campus jobs.